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 Couple notes Kyle!

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PostSubject: Couple notes Kyle!   Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:36 pm

Now that the druid is 11th and the cleric is 12th, we are at the level where the spell casters can full on warp reality to fit their and the party's whims.

The druid can transport the entire group of refugees to almost anywhere in the world from any decent size tree (Spell: Transport Via Plants).  Note: While the 1st gate point has to be a big plant, the 2nd gate point can be a big hedge or even a potted fern.  So all we really have to do is ferry the villagers to a frozen tree.

The druid can use the same spell to help the cleric set their recall point (Spell: Word of Recall).

If they would rather keep the refugees in the north for some reason, the druid and cleric can build a basic functional keep in a few days (Spells: Wall of Stone & Stone Shape).  All they need is a rocky cliff face to start with.  Or summoned moles can find stone underneath the ground and the druid can excavate instantly (Spell: Move Earth).  In this edition, wall of stone can even be used to build bridges and shit, complete with supports and everything.  And Wall of Stone is not dispellable once permanent.  Then you can stone shape in your benches, toilets, and arrow slits in no problem.

It gets more dumb.  This is the level where the druid and cleric can work together to use Spells: Conjure Elemental (and/or Conjure Fey) with Magic Circle and Planar Binding to summon powerful creatures for 10 days...without concentration required.  1000GP a shot, but you can have an air elemental valet for an entire 10 days personally flying you around.
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Couple notes Kyle!
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