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 The shattered north

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PostSubject: The shattered north   Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:00 am

The Shattered North is a frontier realm on the edge of the world, ice covered seas to the east, craggy broken hills and mountains to the north and west. Huge spans of thorny narrow white pine forest dominate the south western region and cold hilly plains between the eastern coast and the massive, lethargic moving glacier fed river known as Cliffton River.

This is a harsh and hardy land, with extreme seasons and dangerous Highstorms that riddle the land like a thunderous surge of wind, rain and hail. Except for the earth near the Cliffton River and the rich farmlands just south of the City-State of Krell, the land is rocky is most places and barren of life except for lichen and the occasion copse of trees.

Here, mostly Humans rule the land, being the most numerous in the villages and towns, but also many gnome, Halfling, half-elf and dwarf call the land their home.

In the White pine forest's, Wild elves live a secluded and tradition deep lifestyle, living in canvas tee-pee's and surviving with little to no metal. They are proud of their heritage, snubbing the city dwelling elves and half-elves, and rarely trust any who are not of elven descent.

On the far western edge of the Trinity Mountains is the Kingdom of Hammerknell, home to the industrious Mountain dwarves who for well over millennium have built their home deep into the mountains below. Scattered around the mountains living in small keeps and undertowns are the Hill dwarves and their cousin's the Gnomes of Broken Hills and North Copper foothills. They are traders and master craftsmen who trade with anyone who has gold and gems. Their greed is well known and mistrusted.
This is most promident in the sprawling penial corrupted mining town known as Iron Ridge, directly north of the city Krell.

In the Shattered North, everyone has a price, especially if they are a criminal. Legalized slavery is well known in Krell and Iron ridge and the outlining towns and villages. If you are unfortunate to break a law and get caught, your price comes with a price not a jail sentence. Greedy merchants and companies quick bids for them, buying their debt to the city or town, and forcing them to work pitiful wages until they have paid back their debt to society.

Nomadic Centaurs rule the eastern plains and coastline except for the human claimed town of Port Protection and the isolated village of Stormview to the northeast and Morgansville to the Southeast.

Dominating this Realm, though is the beautiful blue-grey specked stone city of Krell. Massive towers, small keeps and estates fill the land between the East and West sides of the massive fork in the Cliffton River. Rich farmlands dominate the southern portion of the city, while the north end deal in rich river boat trade between the ever producing town of Iron Ridge, timbers to the west, and massive food stuffs directly south. The city is fat with gold, food, metals and people. And it is rotten to the core. build around a strong belief of Captialism, it is every merchant, worker and farmer for themselves.

As long as they follow the Laws laid out by the Council of Nine. The ruling Council are circle of ruling men and women who are the heads of each noble House. The House's are the founding families of the city, 350 years ago. And they have ruled this region, at first with stern fairness and strict rules needed to survive in this land, but over the centuries it has been corrupted by greed, lust and power. Today on the surface Krell is a promising Lawful city, but shimmering just below the surface is a network of lies, danger and cruelity breed by lust and hate.

Each town and city are appointed Lord Marshals who rule in the Council's name, enforcing their laws and traditions in every surrounding human dominated town and village.

All of this, and lets not forget the evils of burrowing gibberlings of the plains, trogladytes ruling the caverns below, hill-dwelling goblinoids and orks, clan's of giants in the Trinity mountains and the fierce and bloodthirsty Gnoll tribes of White Pine Forest.

Welcome adventurer, the Shattered North!

okay, I'm going to try this again - Sad

The Trinity Mountains – these 3 massive mountains are the large natural formation known in this realm. Only on absolute clear days can the peaks be seen, otherwise they stay covered by clouds at all time. A great deal of myths and legends surround these massive mountains, as they can be seen as far south as Woodsdale and as far east as Cauldron. One well known legend is in their creation, supposedly the mountains were created by the Allmother as prison for 3 indestructible colossal monsters created by the Old Ones during the great Void war. Another myth speaks of a vast world incased and below the mountains themselves, a vast underground world called the Underdark. A world between the surface and the Voidlord’s prison at the Earth’s core.
Each mountain is named after a famous Radiant Knight of the Goddess first Court. The eastern most mountain is called Sael’bryt, who was the great Healer, taught the ways of medicine and nurturing care by the Lightbringer herself. The center most mountain (and largest) is called Findar’kryl, a great master of sword and shield. Said to be the Lightbringer’s general during the great Void war. Lastly the eastern mountain named Ava’dryl, the great Dragon sorcerer, a mount and scribe to the Allmother, first taught the ways of magic by the Goddess and charged with duty of maintaining its balance.

The Half-Cut Hills – the eastern most foothills of the Trinity Mountains is called the Half-Cut Hills for good reason. The terrain is jagged, splintered and full of craggy cliffs and canyons. Very little grows in this snow-covered barren land, but it is rumored to be filled with caves encrusted with gold veins and precious gems to be mined. But the harsh reality is the land is too rugged to mine or even access for the most part.
And it well known that the Half-Cut Hills are home to enormous population of Orcs. 3 massive tribes rule these hills, the Blackrock Boyz, the Bloodhammer clan and the largest of the three, the Ironspear tribe. These 3 orc tribes war among themselves and the surrounding giants and Hobgoblins most of the time, but every few decades a powerful warlord rises up and unites the tribes to create a Horde which in turns raids the human lands. The last horde was led by warboss Grizzskull, uniting 2 of the 3 tribes and waged war with the human lands. Many villages and hamlets were wiped out before the orc horde was destroyed.
Lastly, it is rumored that about 100 years ago, there was a dwarven kingdom in the Half-Cut Hills, but it fell to an orc Horde lead by terrible red dragon named Flamestrike. The dwarven city of Twin Halls is supposedly still around, home to the Ironspear tribe, and at its bowls sleeps Flamestrike on top of a massive dwarven treasure horde.

North Copper Hills – To the west of the Trinity Mountains is a long and low rising hills named the North Copper hills, which runs all the way west to the base of the West Wall Mountains in the kingdom of Solvere. Named such for the large amount of copper, tin and Iron found in the hills. Although the hills are plagued with goblinoids of all sorts, 3 kingdom’s skirmish constantly over territory in these hills – The dwarven kingdom of Hammerknell who claims this land as their Ancestral homeland, the pioneering miners of Solvere and also of Shattered North.

Blue Lake – This beautiful lake borders the southern bottom of the North Copper Mountains, and is full of life. Built alongside the lake is the town of Sharael, and although technically is a part of the Shattered North Kingdom, it rarely follows the Council of Nine’s laws and regulations. But since the town makes a point of paying its yearly taxes on time, with extra, the town is mostly left unmolested. It is rumored that Sharael is home to the Liberators, a rebellion growing against the Shattered North’s corrupt Council. Stories and legends speak of how deep Blue Lake is, and at the bottom of the lake is a star that fell to earth long ago. And that human mage name Dynnser the Forger, built a magical crystal sphere to travel to the bottom of the lake. What he found was some strange metal cube, massive in size, covered in strange sigils and runes. Story goes that Dynnser mentioned it hummed and glowed with blue energy. No one has gone since to verify his story.

White Pine Forest – This enormous forest is home to a very large clan of Wild Elves who call themselves the Sai’Lea (which means Free Man). A proud, strong and tradition drive clan, the elves ferociously guard their borders from intruding Humans and dwarves. But most recently they have been at war on their southern border with a powerful tribe of Gnolls called the Bloody Fangs, rumored to be Voidlord worshippers. The forest is full of old growth and wild life that are sacred and holy to the Sai’Lea, and they protect their lands with their lives.

CLiffton River – Easily the largest river in the northern hemisphere, this wide, deep slow moving river runs from the mouth of 4 massive glaciers at the base of Mount Sael’bryt all the way to the far eastern Broken Coast. Also, it branches to the south and feeds into the large Greenstone Lake and continues even further south in the Southern Kingdoms. Stories speak of the 4 glaciers are actually 1, the large lower portion of the glacier buried below the ground, and that the glacier is inhabited by Frost Giants and white Dragons.

Horseman Plains – Named so for the nomadic tribes of Centaurs that roam the plains around the Cliffton River in the middle lands of the Shattered North. For the last 3 centuries there has been a treaty between the Shattered North Kingdom and the Centaurs of the Plains, simply written that the Kingdom does not enforce their rules, laws, regulations and religion upon them, and the Centaurs allow the human realm to travel among their roads, farm certain lands and have open trade between the 2 races. Not to say this treaty hasn’t been put to the test, but each time the Centaurs have managed to keep it enforced through diplomacy and shutting down any type of travel with in the kingdom.


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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The shattered north
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