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 Races of the New World

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PostSubject: Races of the New World   Races of the New World Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2018 2:37 pm

Races in the New World -

The new world is a melting pot of races created by the Allfather and given life by the Allmother. Spread across the continent, this is just a brief summary of playable races and sub races in the New World V3:

Common Races:

1) Humans - as we all know, humans are the most diverse and visual varient race in the New World. Tailor to your gaming heart desire (with in reason and DM approval)

2) Dwarves - the hardy folk of the mountains have numerous clan towns and massive underground kingdom's through out the world. Most are isolated from other clans and races, but that has much to do with their history. Written in their history is how the dwarven races was first created by the Allfather to be apprentices and helpers in his cosmic Forge. It is said in their culture that they help create the world and the other races in turn learning great trade and craft from Odin himself.

Law is important to dwarves of all kinds, law and structure. It's built into all facets of their daily lives, and when law/rules are broken, they are harshly dealt with. This deep rooted vein of Law in Dwarven society is reinforced by Duty, another aspect that is revered in Dwarven society.

Legend speaks about the dwarven races twin Duties bestowed to them by Odin the Allfather.

First duty is to the world and protecting the known Gates between this world and the deep underground prisons of the Voidlords. The dwarven race was known as the Guardians of the Deep in Ages past.

Second duty is to continue to teach the land and its people the crafts of the Allfather, forging, carving, art of the metals, ect..ect... so these trades/crafts will never be forgotten.

Mountain Dwarves rarely leave their underground kingdoms to the surface world. Shorter, broader and darker complextion than their above ground cousins, the Mountain dwarves also have a bit of a dour reputation. Mountain dwarf conservative culture rarely feel it is approperate to show to much emotion in public, giving them a humorless reputation. Mountain dwarves deal mostly with the denizens of the Underdark and have basic knowledge of the Underdark races, languages, dangerous and riches. Also they are the front line warriors between the surface world and the Voidlord's corruption.

Hill dwarves are taller and lighter skinned dwarves who have opted to live above ground their entire lives. Many dwarven Keeps and Halls are built and inhabited by Hill Dwarves. Hill dwarves love trade, commerce and gold almost as much as they love Law and duty. Hill dwarves are much more livelier in their culture and seem quite libertarian compared to the dour Mountain Dwarves.

3) Elves are the polar opposites of the Dwarven race in almost everyway. Tall, thin, longer lived, flighty and arrogant. Elves live in stages in various places through out the world because of their long lives. They try to live together for one stage of life, then away in another. No one really knows why. Where as the dwarves pay strong homage to Odin the Allfather (and the Allmother, but the Allfather first and foremost) the Elves have repeatedly said they were created in the likeness of the Allmother, specifically given life to help her grow the world and all of its inhabitets. Elves live with the earth, the planet, using their enviroment organicly to live, but to also improve the world around them. They believe the earth is a living thing, sentient, and a direct conduit to the Allmother and the heaven's above. Elves are very magically adept, and are rumored to still have the great and powerful rituals lost over Ages past

High Elves primarly live in cities grown deep in the worlds biggests forests and seas (yes oceans), all connect through magical gates only known by the great Elders. High Elves think themselves as great Historians and Scholars, but also harmonic gardeners and organic builders/craftsmen, and jealously hide their knowledge from the outside races. High Elves feel that the other races of the world are unworthy and too crass to be given such knowledge.

Wild Elves on the other hand, care nothing for the outside races. But the arrogance and beaucratacy of the High Elves long ago drove them away from normal Elven society. Instead the Wild Elves opted to return to the land and live simplely and isolated from the rest of the races and their problems. But they do view themselves as defenders of Nature, and will violently defend their choosen territory.

4) Half Elves - during most Elves long lives, they will often choose to live among other races for a time to learn about them. Often Half-elves are products of that time spent living amoung the other races.

5) Halflings and Gnomes - Distant cousins of dwarves and humans, these 2 races are found across the world along with their sub-races. Gnomes have a natural curiousity and tinker-like mentality while Halflings are mostly homebodies, craftsmen and gardeners. There are several known small villages made up entirely of Halflings, living in Hobbit-holes. the Gnomes are not as numerous, but there is a single city near the Broken Coast that was built by Gnomes. The city of Cauldron, built inside the mouth of a dormant vocanoe that the gnomes use as a power source. Also gnomes are the creators of the famous Airships.

Lesser populated races of the New World:

1) Dragonborn - created 2000 years ago, not by the Allmother and Allfather, but by magical ritual known only to the most Ancient of Dragons. They were created as footsoliders for the dragons during the great war against the Old Ones. Some served the noble and couragous Metallic dragons, or the evil and corrupted Chromatic dragons and although little known, served as support troops, clerks and healers of the Gem dragons of neutrality.

After the war, before the Allmother and her Radiant Knights left for the heavens, she granted all of the Dragonborn the only thing they ever wanted, Free will.
Freedom is precious to Dragonborn of any color, and they are very proud, to this day of earning it. In times directly after the great war, the Dragonborn did build a kingdom (The Domains of Mar'creed) a small coastal land to the Southwest corner of the contient. There it has been there ever since, small clans making up small towns and villages, isolated from the rest of the world, rarely leaving their ancestoral lands. Self-suffieciecy is paramount to the Dragonborn.

2) Tieflings - This race is less a race and more of a mutation. Tieflings happen if there has been any amount of corruption in a parents blood by a Voidbeast/spawn/lord in there heratige. Tieflings are super rare, and most have a great background story to be approved by the DM. Tieflings are hated and hunted world wide.

3) Goblins, Orcs & Half-orcs - Goblins have through out history been a menace to other races of the world, but also slaves. Small and wicked, goblins are highly adaptable to almost any enviroment and have an extremely high birth rate. This gives them a high survivalility rate in the most extreme of lands and work enviroments, but also makes them nearly endless work force. It is well known that the people of the Southern Kingdoms, the Great desert, shattered North and the frozen Tundra of Mara have long enslaved goblins. Goblins apperance usually mirror whatever enviroment they were born into, for example an Artic goblin will be white and covered in a thick fur, while a Desert Goblin will be smooth skinned and black.

Orcs on the other hand are war-like and barbaric by choice. Always have been and have never apologized for it. But from time to time, a single orc will break away from his tribe to travel the lands on their own. Some have even married other races and settled amoung them, but this is truly rare. Half-orcs are vastly more common. Most are treated badly by the other races. Life for these rare Orcs and/or Half-orc are hard and cruel by the world, but many have rose above it and become heroes.
Stats for playable Orc and Goblin is found in Volo's Guide to Monsters, Pgs 119-120

4) Centaurs - Normadic natives of the vast grasslands and rolling plains of the world, Centaurs are much like the Native Americans of our world. They strive to live in harmony with the land, living as nomadic hunters and gathers paying homage to the spirits rather than the Allmother herself (she doesn't seem to mind, as they are all her children). I will have printed copies from my computer or it can be found in the Unearted Arcana on the DnD website for stats.

5) Aasimars - this race is almost identical to Tieflings, but with celestrial parentage instead of Voidlords. This is allowed only case by case by DM discretion. Stats are found in Volo's guide of Monsters.

6) Firbolgs - close relatives/friends of the wood elves and Centaurs of the new world, Firbolgs are rare but still exsist. Once they were great gardeners and woodsingers, their numbers have dwindled over time. Due to their natural tenadecy to love isolation for long periods of time, there isn't much knowledge about Firblogs in common history, and most stories of them are highly sought by bards and such. Stats are found in Volo's guide of Monsters.

7) Goliaths - Same as Firbolgs, but in the mountain tops. Rumored to be actually Half-Stone Giant or just Half-giant in general. Rarely leave their mountains except for a few through out history. Stats are found in Volo's guide of Monsters.

Cool Kenku - the wingless Raven people of the Great desert. Like goblins, this race are slaves to the people in that region. Much like Goliaths and Firbolgs, Kenku rarely leave their region of the world and little are known about them. Stats are found in Volo's guide of Monsters


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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Races of the New World
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