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 Néw Backgrounds

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PostSubject: Néw Backgrounds   Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:52 pm

WItch finder
Many are the servants of evil in the Deep Dark wood. You have been trained from an early age to recognize the signs of evil in creatures and people, as well as the effects of dark magic. You may have been trained by the Knights of the Torch, the temple of the Anhk, or by another witch finder, but the methods are all similar.
You maybe a hunter with the authority of your organization, a zealot with your own sense of purpose, or perhaps a madman without a moral guide. The people tend to respect or fear you in equal measure, but often come begging when evil magic is afoot.

Proficiencies: insight, intimidation
Languages: Infernal, Celestrial
Equipment: a set of fine clothes (including a long cloak and broad brimmed hat), a holy symbol and prayer book, 2 vials of holy water or alchemist fire, and one melee weapon of your choice
Feature: Accuse the Witch
You may study a suspect for as a full round action, then roll an insight check against a secret DC (this is usually the suspect's HD +10). If successful, you may accuse the target. The target becomes marked. You also gain advantage against spells cast by a marked target. A target does not have to be a witch for this ability to function, but it cannot be used during combat, or against creatures with a low intelligence (calling a dog a witch has little effect, unless it is a witch in disguise!).

Moon touched (Black Cat)
You were born under a sign of the moon which has ruled a majority of your life. Moon touched Black Cats are considered to be the emissaries of Lady Moon, and are amongst the most active of their kind.
Most Black Cats are happy with a life of easy, occasional study, and long naps by a fire. Moon touched have a voracious curiosity, and have learned to use their collars to manipulate tools, have studied strange languages, or learned odd skills dependent on their sign.

Feature: Mark of the Moon
Choose a phase of the moon to have been born under. This determines the skills you gain from this background. Also, during your phase of the moon, you may commune with Lady Moon. This functions as an Augury ritual and can only be used once per night.

Crescent: Brave
Black Cats born under the crescent moon are very brave, sometimes even reckless. These black cats gain advantage against saves vs fear.
Proficiencies: survival, investigation
Equipment: a small pouch if 25gp

Half: Creative
These black cats are known as artisans, tinkers and craftsmen, rare amongst their kind, Having learned to use their innate telekinesis as well as any creature with hands. Sometimes, these Black Cats have learned the use of thief tools, becoming Cat burglars!
Proficiencies: choose 2 tools to be proficient in. You have advantage for checks in both of these tools
Equipment: 2 tool sets they are proficient in

Gibbous: knowledgeable
Pouring over every bit of lore available, these Black Cats are very much the descendants of the Sphinx. Years of study has given these Black Cats unique insights. They may expend their reaction to cause an enemy to have disadvantage for their first attack each round.
Proficiencies: history, arcana, religion
Equipment: a small pouch of 25 gp

Full: Mad
The innate insight of these Black Cats seems more akin to madness than to study. Perhaps it is from seeing the world in the light of Lady Moon, or that those born under the full moon are just plain crazy.  These Black Cats have advantage against being charmed
Proficiencies: Insight, perception
Equipment: a small pouch of 25gp

Dark: secretive
Black Cats do not necessarily want to share the knowledge they've discovered, and those born under the dark moon are the most secretive. The keepers of the moon's secretes, they often travel unseen, observing from afar. These black cats may use Pass without Trace, but only upon themselves, once per long rest.
Proficiencies: athletics, deception
Equipment: a small pouch of 25gp
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Néw Backgrounds
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