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 Ecology of....

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Half Elves
Half elves have existed in the Hollow for as long as humans have been there. A few isolated villages, and gypsy camps are said to be comprised entirely of half elves.

Half elves always show more Elven heritage than human. Sharpened ears, bright colorful hair and eyes, generally thin and fit. They are as tall as humans, and are known to vary greatly individually. Due to this mixture, half elves do not have the stereotypical sub racial advantages as humans.

Half elves are almost universally looked upon favorably. Humans see them as beautiful and exotic, elves see them as sturdy and strong. Even other races, and some monsters fall for half Elven charms. The story of Cyus Stormbow, a half Elven Hunter, tells of his imprisonment by an amorous Wood Nymph, although many say this is a tall tale.

Half elves can also be from Darkling stock, and like their Elf counterparts, their feature favor the Darkling side. Darkling Half elves are a bizzare reflection of Darklings; behaving tragically, without a tragic reason, feeling despised when openly adored.

Half elves of either strain are likened to become Hunters for excitement and the desire to explore. Many make careers as wandering bards, and the half Darklings sometimes work as scout/negotiator.

Game states
+2 Charisma
+1 to two other stats
Fey half elves:
Languages: Elven and common
Fey ancestry: advantage against Charms and Sleep
Darkvison 60'
Innate talent- choose a wizard or cleric cantrip. You may cast this spell up to your Charisma bonus per long rest. You may choose a different cantrip when you gain a level.
Skilled: proficient in two skills of your choosing

Darkling half elves:
Languages: Elven common and infernal
Shadow ancestry: may hide in dim light or darker, even against those with dark vision.
Dark vision 60'
Infernal legacy: resistance to fire, advantage against being poisoned
Skille: proficient in two skills of your choosing

The Gypsies
The Deep, Dark Wood is famous for Gypsies- a nomadic group of people found all over the known world. Gypsies belong to a clan, a group of extended families who live and work together, as well as travel together. There are few clans outside of the Hollow, but they are common enough for most to be familiar with them.

In general, Gypsies tend to be entertainers, huntsmen and trappers, with some leading lives as wandering merchants. Some Gypsy clans live in villages or towns comprised of a single extended family. Although this is rare, many Gypsies see this as an ultimate goal- a place for them in the world.

Gypsies have a reputation as scoundrels and thieves, and many consider them lazy. Whereas the individual may vary, for the most part this is unfair. Some clans do operate as more or less a large thieves guild, but most are simple rural people.

Gypsies are almost always Moldovi or Vishtari humans, with an occasional half elf family. Clans tend to be of one sub race or the other, but a mixed clan is not unheard of. Although Gypsies are known to be friendly with strangers, rarely are others accepted into a clan.

Humans of the Deep, Dark Wood are as diverse as any in the world. Many villages and small towns in the wood are predominately human, with minor Demi human populations. Humans are the main source of industry, science, learning and medicine.

Two general sub races of humans are considered native to the wood. The Vishtari, descendants of the refugees of the Orc empire. They tend to have dark hair and complexion, with dark eyes and strong builds. They have been a labor class for centuries, and not always to human masters. Also the Moldovi inhabit the wood, claiming to have settled here before the rise of the Orc. Their skin is nearly always pale in complexion, their hair and eyes running the gamut of human variance. They are supertitious, and tend to be wary of outsiders. However they have a deep understanding of the ways of the Deep, Dark Wood.

In the last century, humans from other parts of the world have swelled to towns and villages of the Wood. The Martially minded Falkainians have brought soldiery and metal craft. The charismatic and inventive Chalons have brought medicine and science. The Vencian, creative and beautiful, has brought commerce and art. And men from the great desert have brought religion and order. Many of these contributions are at odds with the forces of the Deep, Dark Wood, and turmoil brews beneath the leafy boughs.

Game stats:
+1 to every stat
Languages: common and one of your choice
Optional: instead of +1 to each stat, choose 2 stats and add 1 each. Then select a skill to be proficient, as well as a feat to start with.

Sub races
Vishtari- gain advantage with strength checks
Moldovi- gain advantage on one wisdom skill you are proficient in
Falkainian- light armor proficiency, proficiency with one martial weapon of your choice
Chalon- gain advantage on one intelligence skill you are proficient in
Vencian- gain advantage in one charisma skill you are proficient in
Great desert- gain religion proficiency, proficiency in a tool of your choosing


The Scarecrow is a unique resident of the Patches, the great farmland of the Deep, Dark Wood. It is widely believed that on a magical night, the goddess of the moon, Dietra, had a hand in bringing the Scarecrows to life. Others claim that they were a slave race, made by the evil overlords of the Patches almost a millennia ago. Whatever the case, Scarecrows are known for a knack with farming, and a simple, easygoing view on life.

Scarecrows appear human for the most part. They stand at average human height, usually between 5’ and 6’, with females being slightly shorter, and individuals ranging as short as 4’6” and as tall as 6’6”. Scarecrows have dark eyes, fine straw colored hair, and very small noses. Their mouths often seem jagged or lipless lines and stitch like marks often adorn their bodies. This gives them an unsettling appearance, generally offset by their Ernest good nature, but some scarecrows encourage a frightful visage.Most Scarecrows have a stark white skin, not unlike common sackcloth. About 1 in 10 however, has a darker, brownish skin tone, more like burlap. Scarecrows tend to dress in practical clothing, well suited for the life of a farmer.

One of the oddest things about Scarecrows is that they weigh far less than their size would indicate. Although they are as strong as men, it is noted that they cannot carry similar loads. Therefore, Scarecrows tend to run their farms as families, usually numbering between 10 and 20 Scarecrows a household, with the eldest Scarecrow making the family decisions.

Another oddity of Scarecrows is their resistance to physical harm. Scarecrows bleed red blood, like most humanoids, but this blood runs slower than humans. This may be the secret behind their easygoing lifestyle, as they are less likely to get “worked up” about a situation. It has been recorded that Scarecrows are difficult to cut into, and Scarecrows regularly dust off minor injuries. Despite this seeming invulnerability is a weakness to fire. Scarecrows burn very easily, and only the most experienced in a family are allowed to handle fire.

Scarecrows who are overcome with wanderlust may become Hunters, traveling the Deep, Dark Wood in search of excitement that one cannot find on a farm. They make excellent Rangers, as they tend to have an affinity with the Wood itself. Combined with their own peculiar abilities, they can become fearsome indeed.

Game Stats:
+2 strength
+1 cha
Languages: common
Difficult to harm: scarecrows subtract their constitution bonus from non magical piercing, slashing and bludgeoning damage to a minimum of 0. This rule is applied after any applicable resistances.
Slow fall: scarecrows ignore 10' per character level of falling damage. Remaining damage is subject to the 'difficult to harm' rule
Difficult to scare, easy to trick: scarecrows have advantage against fear effects, but disadvantage against deception.
Fire bad!: Scarecrows have disadvantage on all saves vs fire
Unsettling: Scarecrows may choose either diplomacy or intimidation proficiency for free


Elves of the Deep, Dark Wood are otherworldly fey creatures. They have very pale complexions, chromatic colored hair (red, blue and purples tend to be common) with eyes that match their hair. They are slightly shorter than humans, ranging from 4’8 to 5’10” with females being slightly shorter and individuals varying by a handful of inches.

Elves are known for their agility, and their skill with archery. Elven archers can rain arrows on enemies with unmatched skill. Despite this, elves do not tend to be war like. Most spend their days in peaceful study, and all are somewhat magically adept. Elves can tap into the primal energies of the Ley lines to protect themselves from harmful magics. Exactly how they can do this is unknown, but elves call it Manifestation. Elves see well in the dark, easily twice as well as humans.

Elves dress in wispy gauzy clothing. Few elves make any sort of metal craft anymore, most of their skills passed from the world. Elves are generally on good terms with other fey kind. Many races find elves hauntingly beautiful, including many monsters.

Since the death of the LifeTree, the elves of the Deep, Dark Wood have become isolated families, and rarely gather in a single place for too long. Most recognize that their time is over, and that those that survive are only clinging to a dream. For many elves, this dream is worth living, and they crave the excitement of dangerous adventure.

Game stats:
+2 dex
+1 int or wis
Languages: Elven and common
Proficiency with longswords, longbows, short bows, and short swords. Elves also gain +1 to hit with these weapons whilst manifesting.

Proficiency in perception, and a musical instrument of your choice.

Dark vision 60', this becomes blindsight whilst manifesting

Manifestation: As a standard action, once per long rest, an elf may use manifestation. The elf gains advantage on all saves verse magic. Manifestation lasts a number of rounds equal to his character level plus 3.

Magic: An elf knows 4 cantrips from the cleric and/or sorcerer list. They may cast these spells only whilst manifesting. These spells may be changed when the elf gains a level

Fey resistance: elves always have advantage against being charmed, and cannot be put to sleep by magic. An elf who is manifesting cannot be charmed, and breaks any charm over her.

Unique to the Deep, Dark Wood, Darklings are an offshoot race of elves. Sometimes known as Shadow Elves, Darklings are often moody and secretive. Legends speak of a group of elves in millennia past trafficking with demons in order to gain some special power. What that power was is unknown, but some suspect it was the unnatural ability to warp reality with magic.

Darklings stand at the average height of most elves, about 5’ even to 5’10” with females being slightly shorter. Individuals may be taller or shorter by a couple inches. Much like elves they tend to have a slight frame, which seems to help them blend into the background. Darklings have black or grayish skin, with a deep grey tone being the most common. They have black or white hair, with grey undertones. Darklings have red eyes, but a few (1 in 10) have black eyes.

For the most part, Darklings seem to have wild and uncontrolled mood swings. Many are either depressive, or seductive. No Darkling can seem to keep his mind set on a mood, and these swings are often very obvious. Most Darklings dress in black or very dark colors.

Darklings have an affinity for the long shadows of the Deep, Dark Wood. They have a nearly magical way of moving unseen. They see exceptionally well in the dark, and are know to be very handy with small blades. These skills set them apart as some of the greatest thieves and assassins in the Wood. Although Darklings are related to Elves, they do not possess many of the Elves abilities. Chief amongst these is the ability to Manifest.

Some Elves believe that the Shadow Elves’ association with demons caused the LifeTree to die. There may be some truth to this, and may be the cause of the strange and wild mood swings of their race. Others say that the demon blood that runs in the Darklings makes them an inferior species, and that they are on a fast road to the end.

Darkling Hunters are often scouts for the bands they work with. Some have their own agendas; others wish to see an evil stopped. Stranger still are those that seem to crusade against the terrors of the night, as those they seek absolution for a misdeed done long ago…

Game Stats:
+2 Dex
Languages: Elven, common and infernal
Proficiency in move silently and hide
Proficient in longsword, long bows, daggers and short bows
Darkvison 60'
Shadow bound: may hide in dim light or darker, even against those with dark vision.
Shadow walk: once per long rest, a darkling may teleport between shadows. This ability has a range of 30 feet. It is a move action.
Infernal resistance: Darklings are resistant to fire and poison, and have advantage against being poisoned.
Fey ancestry: Darklings have advantage against being put to sleep through magic.

Black Cats
The mysterious race of magical beings known as Black Cats are renown for enigma. They themselves claim to be descendents of the ancient Sphinx, now long extinct. What is well known about the Black Cats is their predisposition toward magic, and an insatiable curiosity.
 Average Black Cats are about one and a half foot long, to two feet in length. They have a deep black coat, and many sport white shapes on the breast or head. All Black Cats wear special magical collars, which were furnished for them by their mothers. Most Black Cats have several siblings. Unlike normal cats, Black Cats do not have a mating season. Rather, Black Cats are rumored to mate “if the moon is right”. As Black Cats tend to be solitary people, matings are rare, and litters are even rarer.

Black Cats are known to speak several languages, from common, to Arcanum, the language of sorcery, and a special dialect of Arcanum, widely referred to as the Black Cat dialect. Black Cats are capable of learning many other languages, and some even learn the musical language of Fey music speak, the language of fairies.

Black Cats are amongst the most powerful warlocks in the world. As the written spell has declined in the last century, many human hedge wizards attempt to learn magic from Black Cats. It is said that Black Cats do not need to use the material components of most spells, and that they are magically resistant to harmful spell effects. Black cats seem to have a limited telekinetic power, which allows them to manipulate small items, and open doors and drawers.

The exact purpose of Black Cats is unknown. It may well be that they themselves don’t know. Many seem to study magic relentlessly, fueled by natural curiosity. In the Deep, Dark Wood, a few Black Cats have taken up the role of Hunter, eager to explore forgotten ruins and dark corners, each hoping to find some magical secret. Other simply uses their natural talents to live off humans in the laziest way possible….

Game stats:
+1 int, +1 wis, +2 cha
Languages: black cats always know Arcanum, the black cat dialect and common. They may choose 3 other languages.
low light vision: black cats see twice as well as humans in darkness, and four times as well in dim light.
Proficiency in stealth. Never proficient in any weapon.
Cantrips: all black cats know a number of cantrips equal to their character level. They must start with Mage hand, but after 1st level, may choose any cantrips from any list. They use charisma for the spell casting attribute
magical resistance: black cats have advantage on saves vs spells
Natural attacks: claw- 1 slashing damage. Bite-1d2 piercing damage.
Magically dependent: Black cats must choose Wizard, sorcerer or warlock as a class. They may not gain levels in any other class.
Collar: a black cats collar acts as a focus for its spell casting, in place of any material component without a significant cost.
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Ecology of....
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