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 The deep dark wood

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Onesti, Gateway to the Deep Dark Wood
The crossroad city of Onesti sits in the northwest of the Hollow, the intersection of the northwood road, Far road and the beginning of Northpass road. The center of the city is the triplaza, a triangular mass of road, statues and shrines.

For those from beyond the Deep Dark Wood, Onesti is often the first real look at the region, if they travel by land, Davia being the seaside elder cousin. A great many of the oddities of the Hollow can be found here, as well as direct influences from the outer world. Gunmakers, Watch smiths, Medical Doctors, chemicals, and the Church of the Anhk are but a few of these influences, as is fashion and innovation.

Onesti also boasts a fairly large area of fertile land, as well as a machine factory. It is these places that a majority of its citizens work, with a lion's share being exported. It is said that Onesti is quickly becoming the most modern city of the Deep Dark Wood.

But amidst the new buildings and invading ideas, the old ways linger. Shrines to the Ancient spirits, old crones pedaling charms against evil, tales of the Far Road Rider- an unkillable undead Maurader, and roving Gypsy camps also call Onesti home.

The Stinking Bog
The massive flood plain of the Blood River, the Stinking Bog is a desolate wasteland in the center of the Deep, Dark Wood. Once the center of Elven civilization, the Death of the Life Tree heralded its end. Many ruins are in the Bog, and many more have sank beneath the encroaching swamp.

The Bog is largely waterlogged, with many pools, slow moving streams and brackish ponds all choked with dead and dying foliage. Much of the year a low clinging fog covers the swamp, making travel dangerous, as pockets of poisonous gasses intermix with the fog, travel becomes deadly.

A haven for trolls, witches and even fouler monsters, the Stinking Bog is one of the most dangerous places in the Wood. Still occasionally Hunters will brave the Bog's poisonous clouds, sucking quicksand and deadly denizens for fabled riches.

Only a handful of people dwell in the Bog, and most of them in the outcast community of Lakeshore. Near Lakeshore is the Karneval, a collection of the most unusual outcasts. Here games of chance are played for souls, the impossible is made real and death himself attends dancehall festivals.

The Lake Of Tears
In the center of the wood is the Stinking Bog. A flood plain of the Blood River, in its center is the Lake of Tears. Rife with debris, the lake is a deep redish black color. Dangerous predators lurk beneath its still waters, not all of them natural.

The Elves say that the Lake of tears is the root well of the LifeTree, the great nexus of the ley lines of the Hollow. That the reddish color is the remnants of the blood which fell from the Life Tree when it was killed. The Druids claim that the lake is filled with power, and that it is tainted with demonic influence.
On the edge of the Lake is Lakeshore, Once an ancient communty of men and elves. Lakeshore seems to be falling into ruin, slowly sinking into the Stinking Bog. Mostly inhabited by the least fortunate; outcast gypsys, mutants, the diseased and the outlawed.

These dwellers rarely leave the bog, trolling the wastes for hidden treasures and valuable pelts. There is a bustling trade with the rest of the woods, even if those of the bog are undesirable.

The Hollow
To the east of the Kingdom of Vencia, and southwest of the Empire of Falcania, lies a wooded country known to antiquity as the Princedom of Waldavia. In these times, the land here is known as The Hollow.

Situated between four mountain ranges, the Hollow is actually a large basin, heavily forested. To the north is the Demon Fangs, from which Blood River runs. To the East is the towering Ebongloom Mountains and Raven’s Watch Pass. To the South is the Waldavian Mountains, from which the country’s ancient name originated. To the West the Illsburrow Peaks, filled with precious metals, and terrifying monsters.

To those that live in the Hollow, the country is the Deep, Dark Wood, the forest that permeates the land. Near the center of the wood is the Stinking Bog, a flood plain of the Blood River. In the Southwest corner of the wood is the Patches, expansive farmlands attended by the artificial humanoids known as “Scarecrows”.

In the Southeast corner is the Capitol of Davia, the only real city in the Hollow. Dozens of small villages and nearly two scores of towns dot the Deep, Dark Wood. Most of these hamlets are surprisingly unwalled, despite the terrors of the Wood. Goblins, undead, were-kind, and sprites wander the Wood. Dreaded Marauders, undead revenants which cannot be fully destroyed haunt certain roads on eerie nights. Adventurers, more commonly known as Hunters, wander the Wood in search of the many ruins of ancient castles, or the lost homes of the elf kind.

Elves inhabit the wood as well, as to trolls and fairies. Depressive Darklings, a mixture of demonkind and elves, slink in the shadows. Bizarre Black Cats blend into human society to study the secretes of Witch Craft.

The Hollow has been left to its own for many centuries, but now the wars of the western nations have brought outside influence in the forms of technology, science and religion. In a land of fantasy and superstition, such changes are not always welcome…

Davia, City of Light and Shadow

Largest city in the Deep, Dark Wood Davia is the seat of rule for the Principality, although it has been centuries since the country was ruled by a sole heir. Voivode Sycvald died with no clear successor, but during his rule, formed the ruling council of nobles. These men and women were those loyal to the Voivode politically. Six places where made on the council, with a seventh reserved for the Voivode, but this place was sold to the Church of the Ankh upon Sycvald's death.

Located in the southeast, along the opening of the Blood River, Davia is the main trade city of the Principality. It is sprawling, yet crowded. Many thousands have flocked to the official home if the church of the Ankh every year. Many pilgrims end up staying, making Davia a unique city, full of new blood and old architecture.
Davia is also home to several guilds and companies, as well as various industries.
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The deep dark wood
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