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 Adventures with the Company

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PostSubject: Adventures with the Company   Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:47 am

In mid spring, 5 years after the war with the Giants, in the centralized Warehousing District of the capitol City of Krell, we meet our 6 heroes all sitting around a relatively empty warehouse they call headquarters.

First is a large, brass colored Dragonborn named Clouddrinker, devout in his faith to the Radiant Knight Bahumat, saint of the metallic dragons and herald to the Allmother.

Next is the blonde haired wild eyed dwarf named Sigmund, a branded exile from the northern Dwarven clans.  

Near by is a tattooed tough looking young human lad named Mehkanna, rat slayer extrodinare.

Looking at the urban ranger in distaste is a tall human named Morris, a deadly rogue with a sharp eye.

Absent-mindly humming to herself is the slightly crazy and oblivious teenage human girl who bloodline gives her great arcane magics to wield named Lavender.

And lastly is the alien creature named Moonlight, who seeks to master the extraplaner magics while being invisible in plain sight.

Work for these adventures has become difficult to find since the beginning of winter, but now that winter has come and gone, no work is coming in.  Many of the memebers went out to find work and have returned with several prospects:

A young man has been kidnapped and is to be sold into the slave trade, claims his brother.  Cousins to the newly appointed mayor of Morgansville (a coastal fishing town to the northeast) they had been tasked with retrieving a package from a dwarven apothocary named Cid.  Cid told them to return in a few days, but a few hours after they left the shop, the pair was mugged, beaten and the youngest kidnapped.  Rumors is Cid owes back pay for a extortion racket and sold the pair to pay off his debts.

Another rumor was 3 different funded expeditions are being formed to travel north to the ruins of the port town of Stormview, 1 group funded by the local guilds and ran by a merc group known as the Stone Dogs.  Another group is funded by 3 dwarven brothers, and the last and least favorite is funded/conscripted by the nobles/council of 9.

More rumors was that there was a large gnomish salvage team combing the killing fields where a majority of Solben Empire soliders were massacared by the storm of vengeance.  its known that several Cauldron built gnomish airships were lost in that event.

Lastly, whispers that the council of 9 are fustrated and worried about the lost of several scouting parties that went to the ruins of the mountain city of Ironridge.  The lost of Ironridge is a huge blow to the economy of the Shattered North, home to several copper, tin, iron and semi-precious stone mines, along with an established trade route with the Dwarven kingdoms (mainly Hammerknell hold) of the north.

The party decided they wanted to venture north, and check out the ruins of Ironridge, a 4 day trek by foot.  At the end of the first day, the party camped near the shell of a long forgotten roadside Inn.  During the early morning hours, a sound could be heard inside the root cellar of the building.  The party move into the cellar to investigate and find a hedious looking void fueled shell depeciting a young lass sobbing over a swathed child in her arms.  But that visage is short lived and the whole thing disentgrates into a massive swarm of poisonious snakes!  The party quickly flees up the steps and lock the door shut and move along the road.

Later on the 2nd day, the party come across 3 burnt out wagons, signs of battle and a single woodsman centuar named Surestrike tending to a campfire.  Apparently the centuar is looking for a criminal band of centuars, led by his brother, Swiftarrow.  The party wish him luck, after convincing him to trade fish for a dagger, and continue along their way.

Eventually, through rain and cold, the group reach the outskirts of Ironridge, after coming the remains of one of many lost expeditions to this accursed city, and obvious sign of Orc activity in the area.

As the sunsets, the party enter the eeriely quiet ruins, searching for loot and sign of habitation.  What they find baffles them, as they come across a parade, a marching band of skeletons thousands strong, while waving strange banners, standards, and playing out odd instruments making some truely discorded sounds.  All the skeleton's empty eyesockets glow with pin-sized hazey red light.  
At the back of the parade of the dead were 5 black robed figures, who spot the party, and revel themselves to be Drow priestess.  Clouddrinker summons a fog cloud and confuse the priestess's line of sight, who in turn try to summon Voidbeasts but fail.  Instead the drow send forth enormous horse sized spiders after the group and flee from them.

The party slay the spiders and retire to a ruin building to rest for the rest of the night.  Except for they are soon harrassed and attacked by a horde of gargoyles, living magical statues!  The battle is long and tedious, and the party manage to slay the beasts except for 1 who flew away.

and that is how we ended the session.

XP earned - 800 xp (monster xp + skill successes + roleplaying bonuses)


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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Adventures with the Company
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