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 NPC list for War of the Giants

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PostSubject: NPC list for War of the Giants   Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:16 am

am doing this more for me than anyone else, but I am making a list of important characters and events with little summaries of who they are and how they came to cross paths with the War Donkeys. If you find any inconsistences please let me know so I can correct my notes -

Ironridge- a small frontier city of trade and industry. Population - 6,000 plus, mixed races due to the high volume of "Prisoners" who "work" for local merchants, mines, Tanneries, Quarries and River barges. Ruled by a Lord Marshal anointed by the Council of Nine of Krell. A hive of trade in metals (Iron, Copper and tin) semi-precious gems (bloodstone, garnets etc...etc...) worked leather and beetle carapaces, "Prisoner Flesh" (in other words, legal slavery), building stone and the rare worked Ironwood. Rumored to home the corrupt Adventures Guild and a chapter house of the Shadow Rogues (thieves guild in Krell), also has a dedicated Military and an elite Knighthood chapter, Knights of Iron Eagle.

Lord Marshal Abbygail Newzik - human woman, a staunch follower of the law who rules over Ironridge in name of the council of nine in Krell. Players have never met her, only heard of her through word of mouth.

Belkirk Shieldspike - a fat, balding, cigar smoking dwarf who is guild master of the Adventurer's Hall (a chapter house of the Adventurer's Guild in Krell) who is rumored to be in bed with Abbygail (literally) and is allies with the mysterious Shadow Rogue leader, Blade.

Blade - unknown, only rumored to be an extremely skilled assassin and Guild master of the Shadow Rogues chapter house in Ironridge. Is also rumored to be the master and teacher of the Quad assassins.

Leon Allpath - a half-elf who is rumored to be a Liberator (what the council of nine call Rovers) sect leader in Ironridge. No one knows where or what he looks like, and whispers speak that he is in fact imprisoned somewhere in Ironridge.

Lord Adam Bluesteel - 3rd son of the House of Bluesteel in Krell, Adam is the disgraced son of Harken Bluesteel, member of the council of nine. And after a public and bitter argument with Harken, Adam went north to Ironridge to manage the estates there. In the last ten years, Adam has increased House Bluesteel’s prestige and profits from the area, while his two other brothers bicker over the House’s future while the father slowly wastes away with illness. Adam is known Liberator sympathizer, and believes that the Shattered North is corrupt. Adam has hired the party to work for him in Ironridge, at first as a snub to the Adventurers hall, but has grown to respect the War Donkey adventuring group and has offered the party a permeant position at his estate.

George the butler – A tall gangly human of indirterment age who is the Headmaster of the House Bluesteel estates in Ironridge. George is in charge of running the household while its master is gone.

Captain Carmichael – A thick and brutish looking half-orc who serves as Captain of the Guard for House Bluesteel in Ironridge. Famous in Ironridge for his skill with a Warhammer and shield, the man has a reputation of being blood thirsty but also fiercely loyal to Lord Adam Bluesteel.

Mad Sam and Leo the mountain lion – an eccentric and recluse druid, ancient by appearance, Mad Sam has made his home in the hills and valleys of North Copper hills for over 50 years. Many of stories about Mad Sam come from Hunters and trappers who accidently cross his land. He is known to be kind to those in need, and deadly to those who cross his lands.

The Black Stone – after a recent late summer thunderstorm, a gnarled oak on the ridge above the Bluesteel stone quarry was struck by lightning and split in two. At the heart of the oak is a strange black stone, about 4’ high and cylinder shaped, with strange runes and etching upon it. It remains a mystery

Ziggs Anvilla – over the top with extravagant clothing and style, Ziggs is a young merchant son who is copper mines north of Ironridge have had troubles with a pair of Ettins and their pet Cave Bear. He has hired the War donkeys (apparently he has issues with Belkirk also) to deal with the problem. The party promised to deal with it in 7 days. 3 days have passed since.

The Green Dragon – a moderate Inn in central Ironridge that is owned by a pair of human brothers, Kevin and Sherk, both have made it clear that the party is no longer welcome at their Inn due to the parties’ small feud with the Adventurers hall.

The Watering Hole – a dingy, dark and dangerous drinking house on the shadier side of Ironridge near the river docks.

Frosty Drinking Horn – a traditional dwarven Inn built with thick stone and Ironwood. Owned by Belkirks prettiest cousin, Hellga Shieldspike. She even has a proper dwarven lady beard!

Nathaniel Kenison – a scholar in Krell, a diviner of some skill and a master linguist. Travelled with the party for awhile, but after a harrowing encounter with undead aristocrats in Krell, retired back to the Mage’s College in Krell.

Jolynn the Cat burglar – a beautiful raven haired Halfling thief who stole the Black Grimoire from Kelshain the Necromancer in Ironridge, to only lose it to a Quad assassin group on the way to Krell. Left the party with Arn the Gnome, supposedly to the volcano city called Cauldron.

Kelshain the necromancer
– an infamous necromancer, reputed to enjoy experimenting on purchased “prisoners” some the more painful art of Bloodmagic, a dark branch of necromancy. Is rumored to be an advisor to Lord Marshal Abbygail. Recently had his Grimiore stolen from him by Jolynn the cat burglar.

Ravik – an uncleanly, drunken religious zealot nut who briefly travelled with the War donkeys before dying to a Hobgoblin war master.

Uylannis Twomoons
- a powerful druid, daughter to the Wood elves of White Pine Forest Elder. Currently in a coma, induced by a psionic and spiritual creature known as a Spirit Wyrm.

DanDan and FeeFea - a married couple of Ettins who took over Zigg's copper mines. Slayed by the party.

Spirit Wyrm - a magical beast that can steal a person soul and imprison it to the Inbetween, the dark space between Realms and Planes. A known and feared Void beast.

King Gorock Eversteel the III - the party retrieved his lost journal in the hidden crypt found in the Wyvern's lair. The Tome is over 300 years old and needs to be translated.

The Heart of Stone - A magical +2 Great club created by Dwarven master craftsman from the Ancient Lost hall of Helgrim Hold, South of the Kindom of Sol'vere and given to King Gorok Eversteel the III son, Abbler Eversteel. But his son was killed in the war with the Red Dragon, Flamestrike, and the club was thought to be lost. Instead it was buried with King Gorok.

Azerrexx - Ancient Aboleth from the Inbetween, rumored among the Voidbeast's as one of the Old Ones from the time before the Light. Over 200 feet long, the colossal beast is bound in the Black Lake of the underdark, guarded by an Ancient Stone Giant named Baric.

Baric - Stone Giant Lord, Keeper of Allana'hya Soul and Jailer to Azerrexx. Baric has been bound to the shores of the underdark Black Lake, with a Ancient sacred Oath to forever guard over the horror known as Azerrexx. A kind soul who passes his time tending to Allana'hya's new body, and his stone wall carving depecting the world's history.

Faulknier - although the party has never meet him, but mentioned to the party by the Elder Deep Gnome Allrick Longtoe. Faulknier is a Copper dragon who has claimed rulership of the Ruin city of Vesper, north of the Deep Gnome city of Gemheim.

Nataliea - a tortured, insane Water Nymph bound to a crystal tree long ago by her Elders. Isolation has twisted her mind and soul.

Commander Orryn Doublecloak - a mellow stout Deep Gnome that commands the Gemheim's Outpost forces.

Zanna Sparklegem - Priestess of Allmother, devout healer of the deep gnome outpost

Eldon Nim - Arcane wizard, second in command at the deep gnome outpost.

Elder Allrick Longtoe - a strong leader and business man who leads the Deep gnomes of Gemheim.

Sir Gregor Ashland of Ironridge and his mage brother Boris - a pair of deputies sent from Ironridge, specifically ordered by Lord Magistrate Kelshain (see above) to capture the party and return them to Ironridge. killed by the party.

Chief Iz'cata - Ulyannis's father, chief of the northern wood elves Sai'Lea (means Free people)

Spiritcaller Kullyannis - Ulyannis's mother, powerful shaman.

Jarred - Ulyannis's Brother, a skilled woodsman.

King Hekaton - King of the Storm Giant's, keeper of the Ordning, Jailer of Phalkton. Seeking Vengeance against the Kingdom's for the murder of his wife, Queen Nerri.

Queen Nerri - a wise priestess of the All-mother, a gentle soul, Queen Nerri was fond of the small folk of the world, and would visit the kingdoms from time to time. In a recent visit to a lush garden/forest, Queen Nerri was killed by her 2 eldest daughters Mirran & Nym, and made it look like she was slain by adventures, sparking The Storm Giant King anger to start a war.

Mirran - a Tempest, her emotions make unstable and unpredictable. Murdered her Mother with her sister Nym and made it look like adventures did the deed.

Nym - Cold and calculating, Murdered her Mother with her sister Mirran and made it look like adventures did the deed.

Serissa - King Hekaton's youngest daughter. Secretly in love with a frost giant named Harshnag. Banished from the Maelstrom Court by her father when she spoke against the coming war.

Duke Zalto - Fire Giant lord

Chief Guh - 20,000 pound female Hill Giant Lord

Jarl Storvald
- Frost Giant lord

Countess Sansuri - Cloud giant Lord

Deratrick - Ancient Green Dragon, conspiring to start the Giant's war and seeking to release someone called the Shadowlord.

Iymrith - a mysterious gypsie storm giant conspiring with Deratrik and someone named Cyrovain.


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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NPC list for War of the Giants
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