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 Dramatic personas (NPCs)

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PostSubject: Dramatic personas (NPCs)   Dramatic personas (NPCs) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 1:36 pm

Kelsie- an average human teenager of passing goods loks with brown hair and eyes. She was a prisoner of the goblins alongside the PCs, when she was rescued by Dalynar.

Kels- Kelsie's uncle. A human man of great height and size, bald with a dark colored beard. He lives in Ketter's Keep as a blacksmith and metal worker.

Commander Dalton- a human man in his middle years. He wears his blonde hair high and tight, his severe blue eyes rest above a hawkish nose. Often dressed in ornate full plate armor, and wears a blue, floor length cape. The current commander at Ketter's keep.

Nekane- Drow leader of the Blue Venom goblins. Statueques and shapely, with skin the color of tar and hair the shade of snow. She wears little by way of clothing, a bikini top and a long purple loin cloth. Rides a monstrously large displacer beast.

Nilus Lox- written in common amongst the goblin graffiti is the phrase "Beware the wrath of Nilus Lox". The name is of old Archeron, thousands of years gone. But why was this written so recently?
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Dramatic personas (NPCs)
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