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 Lix'olens Log

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PostSubject: Lix'olens Log   Lix'olens Log Icon_minitimeMon Jan 08, 2018 6:58 pm

March 5th 1148 Day
Guard duty on the kings road was not what I pictured adventuring would be when I left the Fury. My days are filled with endless walking and dull conversation. How I miss the sea and tonya. Hopefully, at the last stop, I can find real work that pays more than a few gold otherwise I will head east in hopes of real work.

March 5th, 1148 night
They came at night, robed goblins lead by a dark-skinned elven woman riding a beast I've never seen. With some magic, she took me captive and knocked me out. I awoke a few hours later in a cage underground. Three others were in the room with me, two elves and human. The goblins were feeding people to slim monsters. Lucky for us goblins are bad at tying knots. We fought and killed the goblins and rescued a young girl from a grizzly fate and escaped to find ourselves on the three brothers and not far from cutters keep.
My new companions have introduced themselves as Anton Ilescu, a human noble with some magic abilities. Dalynar Darkrose an elven simpleton that's not half bad with a bow, and  Naal Yaeldrin an elven priest of the copper tree whatever that is.
Once we reached cutters keep we decided to split up and regroup at the giggling gargoyle. Dalynar and Naal took the girl to her family. Anton went to the Lord's house to report what happened to us and I went and got something to drink.
When we regrouped we decided that it would a good idea to travel together so we checked the post an low and behold Anton had inherited an inn in the nearby city of Hope and he is will to make us all partners.

March 6th, 1148
After some information gathering in the morning, the group has set out for the city of Hope. we were told of bandits and strange chanting on the road. The road was peaceful until the evening when we came across an overturned wagon that had been carrying fish the smell reminded me of some of the port cities on the sea and made me long for home. But that longing was put to rest soon after as from behind the wagon stepped half a dozen bandits that looked scared to death. The leader of the bandits was a tall masked man wearing and using old arms and armor. We defeated the frightened bandits with ease but the leader was a tough son of a bitch. A rumbling came and under the leaders feet a hole opened up and a ankheg appeared. The ankheg sprayed me with acid twice and I was knocked out. I'm told it retreated soon after

March 7th, 1148
Around midday, we hear chanting coming from the forest but we decided to press on and by nightfall, we arrive at the abandoned town of Hope. not a soul to be found but we did find some strange blast marks and purple dirt on the ground. We could see fire on the small island so we decided to take a boat and some canoe to investigate. We found a cave full of goblins and that dark-skinned elf woman. The goblins were pushing the townspeople thru a large dark portal. The elf woman vanished and we fought the goblins. Things were going fine until very large spiders started coming out of the portal so we ran. Dalynar almost didn't make it but with some last-second heroics Antone saved him and we set sail back to Hope.
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Lix'olens Log
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