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 The City of Preston - City of the 5 rivers

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PostSubject: The City of Preston - City of the 5 rivers   Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:06 am

The Sol'vere Empire is west of the Shattered North, and rules the lands between the Stonespine Mountains to the western edge of the White Pine Forest. By far, the Sol'vere Empire is the largest kingdom by sheer political borders, but vast portions of Sol'vere are empty of stable settlements.

The city of Preston is a unique and large trading city settled on the southern side of the Mountain River's Chasm in the northern end of Sol'vere Empire. 3 large mountain rivers flow into the northern side of a "U" shaped chasm, creating a spectacular massive 1000' waterfall that splints into 2 rivers in the ravine below. The platuea that the city of Preston sits is 500' lower than the north side of the Chasm. 2 very ancient dwarven made stone and iron bridges span the east and west sides of the Chasms. The bridges are brilliantly engineered to offer not only stability but a gradual slope to offset the 500 foot elevation drop. The stone work etched into these bridges are over millennium old, and tells story of the cities founders, a band of human and dwarven adventures who banded together 2 great empires, the dwarves of Stonespine Mountains and human explorers from the Southern Kingdoms.

Preston is a trading city, offering the convenice of a central hub from many frontier towns and a defenseable location with 3 sides of the city surrounded by 1000 to 500 foot drop offs. Preston boasts a population of 18,000 residents, mostly of Human, dwarven, Halfling and gnomish races. Not to say there aren't any other races here, but those are the most prominent in the city. The city is ruled by the Emporer's brother, Lord General Kerden Jarmaath. The lord General has served as Commander of all of Sol'veres forces for the last 2 decades, inheriting it from his Uncle. It is rumored that Lord General Kerden is fair but is uncompermising when it comes to the law. It is also spoken that he horribly disfigured in the face, suffering many injuries in his campaigns against the enemies of the Empire. Since security is such a high concern for many of the merchants, and being so close to the frontier lands, Preston has a very large garrison of soliders and "Lion Guards" who are Knights of the Empire. The Lion Guard are an elite knighthood created by Lord General Kerden Jarmaath himself, and their training grounds are here in Preston. Many return to the capitol city, Sol'vere, to serve the Emperor himself personally.

1A) West Bridge - Many call this the Mountain bridge as it faces the Stonespine Mountains to the West. This area is more heavily guarded than the East bridge due to Orc raids in the past. this side is less farming and more cattle ranching.

1B) East Bridge - Also known as the Trader's bridge, this area is the highest traffic area out of the 2 bridges. Also the most farmlands lie this way. Just before you cross the bridge to the city, there is a large Inn called Dorry's Place. Think a large Irish pub with rooms. Owned by a group of farmer's who retired and purchased it while their son's work the farms. The 'Dorry's group' sit around all day smoking and drinking and telling tales to their patrons. best place to find local news, news abroad and rumors.

2) Lion's Home - The Lion's guard chapter house inside the walls of Preston Keep.

3) Preston keep - The Cities most recognizable land mark is the squat four towered keep perched in the middle of the city. Although this place has traditionally been the home of the cities rulers, for many years the ruling lord general instead dwelt in the Lion's Guard chapter house - Lion's Home. This has allowed keep to be utilized as an additional garrison, town hall and prison.

4) The Stone Wyvern - the Inn gets its name from the petrified wyvern that dominates the Inn's common room. This looming statues takes up much of the common room and is displayed (more like attached to) a large upthrust rock that protrudes through the building's floor from the ground below. The wyvern tale speaks of centuries ago when the city was young, a group of adventures were defending the Bridge's construction crews from a swarm of Wyverns who lived in the Chasm's cliffsides. This Wyvern was petrified by a wild mage gnome named Yabaling who later built this Inn around the statue. Yabaling's Great-Great grandson Trabalard Yab now runs the INN, which is one of the most popular Inns in Preston.

5) Axenhaft Security - This large building is owned by a dwarf lady named Eldremma Axenhaft. She keeps a small contingent of fighters and warriors on staff, hiring them out as guards for merchants. She also serves as a point of contact between various adventures and keeps tabs on who's in town and looking for work and who is looking to hire.

6) Shank's Shivs - the proprietor of this weapon shop is an ex-bandit who served a 10 year sentence in the Preston Keep dungeons. He then spent the last 20 years establishing himself as a respectable businessman. Today, Shank's Shivs is widely regarded as the best place to get weapons in all of Preston. Shank employs a half-dozen artisan smiths and holds a standing contract to provide many of the common solider weapons of Preston.

7) Eastside Market - this large open air market is where traveling merchants, performance troupes, con artist, street-corner prophets, local farmers and the like come to sell their services and wares. the market is normally quite busy, making travel through the area during the mid-day a pain in the ass. Many shippments come in early in the morning or later in the evening just to avoid these crowds.

Cool The thirsty Giant - the sign above this tavern depicts a large hill giant drinking with a table surround with other men and filled with empty tankards. The Thirsty Giant clientele is universally coarse, foul-mouthed, and loud, none more so than Torgin Kuraki. Torgin is the owner of the tavern, and a scar and tattoo covered half-orc. He doesn't have any bouncers, perfering to deal with problems with his pair of clubs, "Last Call" and "Problem Solver"

9) Red Magic and Sundries - This tall, thin, multistory building, is the shop and home of Immerstal the Red, Preston's most prominent Wizard. Immerstal is married to a gorgous half-elf named Alandri who runs the store while Immerstal studies and advise the city's court on all thing Arcane.

10) Shrine to Radiant Saint Yon'Kalla - Saint of community, goodness and self-reliance. this modest building, refurbished guildhouse is now a religious center catering to the local Halfling population. Since the clergy of the shrine spend much of their time aiding Preston's indigents and poor, the human citizens of the city view the place as a welcome addition. The benevolent presence of these kindly halflings, led by a soft spoken cleric named Natalie nettlemead, has done much to remove the stereotype of the sneaking halflings scoundrel from the mind of Preston's populace.

11) The Craven Raven - the proprietor of this high-class tavern prides himself on providing a clean, sophisticated venue for Preston's residence to seek entertainment and drink. A slim, elegant male human, Andrake Lenn won the deed to this once-notorious tavern from a scoundrel of a gnome named Fishlip Fergus in a game of three-dragon ante. The people of Preston was not sad to see Fishlip leave and Andrake kept the Taverns original name, but upgraded everything else. Today the tavern is a favorite among the nobility and merchants of Preston, and after performances at Velorian's (see area 12) the taproom is always crowded. Adventures aren't welcome here unless they are cultured, dressed well, and keep their language clean.

12) Velorian's - this large building is Preston's playhouse, although plays aren't the only entertainment offered here. Concerts, dances, magic demonstrations and scholastic debates are often hosted here as well. the owner is a beautiful female half-elf named Velorain, a retired adventurer who saw an opportunity to make money in the comfort of the city when she learned that Preston didn't have a proper Theater.

13) Preston Academy - this two-story building is perhaps the most prestigious place of learning in the entire Sol'vere Empire. Founded and Financed by a huge grant given by a revered wizard named Lessiter Kayne 250 years ago, the academy offers courses in history, magical theory, geopgraphy, alchemy, engineering, and culture. the academy has on-site accomodations for faculty, while students live in one of three nearby dormitories. Most of the courses are for adults, but half the ground floor is dedicated to a finishing school known throughout the Empire for producing cultured and well-mannered aristocrats. The headmaster of the academy is a no nonsense matron named Damynda Rianthiar.

13) The Laughing Manticore - this building is combination tavern and brewery. The taproom caters to rich but wild patrons, making it a place where most adventurers feel right at home. The Laughing Manticore's most well-known product is its manticore mead, a pale red drink of honey and spices served in a hollowed out manticore tail spike that allows the cup to be stabbed into wood with a satisfying chonk! once the drink is done. The owner of the tavern is a dapper male human named Rillor Paln.

14) Kaal Manor - This richly furnished mansion commands an impressive view of the Chasm to the east of Preston. with its own stables, garden and archery range, Kaal Manor might well be the greatest mansion in the city. The Kaal family is the largest merchant lords in the city, their main source of income is realstate with in the city. The currently matron of the family is Lady Verrasa Kaal.

15) Teskerwill Manor - One of the founding families of Preston, the Teskerwill family lives in this sizeable mansion. Farming and horse breeding is the families main incomes, the current head of the house is Owen Teskerwill while his 3 grown children are all currently acting members of the Lion Guard.

16) Discreet Departures - a large coffin maker and funeral home owned by a dwarf named Worren Lastermen.

17) Cathedral Square - This large open square is used for public ceremonies and festivals. Its also where the governing bodies announce edicts and proclamtions and hold the occasional beheading.

18) Catherdral of the Allmother, Lightbringer. The most distinctive building in Preston is the Cathedral of Light. A massive structure with towers rising well over 100 feet in height, supported by flying buttresses and intricately carved pillars, the catherdral is an impressive display of homage to the Allmother. The angle of the church is such that as the sun rises, its rays shine through a massive stained glass window in the catherdral's eastern face and out through a matching window to the west, to wash Cathedral Square with a riot of early morning color. The cathedral has a host of nearly 2 dozen clerics, led by Shining Servant Tredora Goldenbow, Preston's most powerful cleric.

19) Haskinar Manison - the Haskinar family is the least noble of the houses in Preston, and their major source of income is farming. They are consistently feuding with the Teskerwill family as their main competition.

20) Preston's Cemetery - this large compound is surrounded by a low stone wall. As the city has grown, many of the Allmother clerics have moved many graves here to a extensive ossuary below the Catherdral. Several vaults near the cemetery's heart are traditionally reserved for the city's nobility.


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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The City of Preston - City of the 5 rivers
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