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 DragonBorn and the Dragon Empire

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DragonBorn and the Dragon Empire Empty
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In the closing days of the Golden Empire, the lands had fallen into disrepair. Many had left the countryside for the luxurious lifestyle of the cities. The ruling senate, and the past dozen emperors, had allowed the Empire to stagnate into a hedonistic flophouse.
But this would not sit for Faxardor, the Great Dragon. He came to the Capital, Aurum, at the head of an army of strange dragon like men, the DragonBorn. He burned the senate alive, an allowed the last Emperor of the Golden Empire, Phoxius the Fair, to crown him Emperor before devouring him. With this act the Golden Empire, a time of great prosperity, came to an end. The time of the Dragon Empire had begun.
The DragonBorn themselves do not know where they came from. Even the soldiers who overtook Aurum cannot say for certain where they camped the night before- or any details beyond the gates. Regardless, they served Faxardor as praetorians and as enforcers of his laws. They where the bringers of Law to a land that had fallen into chaos of their own making.
The Dragon Empire persisted for 5 long centuries. DragonBorn were not immortal, and new generations were birthed as to be expected.  Aurum was bejeweled and cast in gold, a living treasure city fit for the Dragon Emperor. But his subjects despised him.
Faxardor forced slavery onto the empire, at first criminals, then any found to be "of little worth". A majority of these slaves labored in the mines to bring the Emperor more treasure to heap upon his City, other forced to work fields to feed the empire. The Elves refused to trade with the Tyrant. The Dwarfs locked away their kingdoms. Teif stood against the Dragon Emperor and were starved for their defiance. But the DragonBorn could not look away any longer.
During a starlight night, Aurum burst into civil war. DragonBorn of every scale shade denounced the Emperor and sought to slay him. Many remained loyal to Faxardor, happy with the power that was their birthright. Much of Aurum was destroyed that very night, and Faxardor himself was slain, by a trusted DragonBorn wielding an ancient sword. His name is unknown.
With the Emperor dead, the lands looked to themselves to govern. In places where the DragonBorn were just, they were decently treated. In other lands, they were hunted and villanized. More than 2 centuries have passed, but some prejudices run deep. The DragonBorn that led the coup eventually won the city, although it is now half ruined. They have decided to keep it this way, as a reminder of who they are. The city is now called Ash, and few aside from DragonBorn walk its streets.
The DragonBorn are a proud race, believing they rescued the world from both slothful lawlessness and iron shackled tyranny. Although they are sometimes reviled in some areas, humans have short memories, and most racism is likely to be from individuals.  As a result of their civil strife, DragonBorn have organized into clans, and usually distrust DragonBorn of other clans. These clans are quite large, with the entire city of Ash belonging to two clans.
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DragonBorn and the Dragon Empire
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