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 Halflings and Gnomes

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Halfings and gnomes

Halflings were discovered by the Vorsan empire early in its expansion. A pastoral folk, halflings offered little by way of soldier stock, but contributed to the empire as farmers. Tucked away in the shires they have created, halflings have been spared the worst of events in history, rarely knowing much more than stories of its passing. Halflings are capable workers, and ply many trades with great skill, from leather working to black smithing, They live quiet lives with little more than local gossip to rile them, passing the days with honest work and temperate manners. As the world is so large, it can be terrifying for the small, simple folk.
For some halflings this is a boring living. Those who gather the courage leave their shires and go into the big world for themselves. Halflings can be found all over the old empires, living lives as adventures. Some never return to shire life, retiring in a human settlement.
Halflings shires are governed by an elder, nominally called a sherif. Should the shire need to decide quickly on some pressing issue, he will do so. Otherwise he is charged with keeping the peace, a job which is generally very easy in a halfling shire. The most exciting times in a shire is when a caravan comes to trade, or on of the more wealthy throws an extravagant party- this also tends to be when most sheriffs do the most work. Halflings come from miles around, sometimes leaving their own shires, to participate in these events,

Gnomes are thought to be cousins of dwarfs, or possibly Halflings. They have small communities in the Scarlet Hills near Kalca Androth, or the Laughing Forest in Conth. Men have always seen gnomes as somewhat Fey, and gnomes were never forced into the empires. The Gnomes of the Scarlet Hills did trade with Asheron, most notably crafting the Imperial Scepter of Asheron from gold and rubies. It is said the wizards of Asheron enchanted the scepter with powerful magic.
For the most part, gnomes are curious creatures happy to explore the neighboring lands. Unlike many races, gnomes place little value on individual family glory, as gnomish young are raised by many mothers and fathers in a village. To a gnome, all gnomes are family. Gnomes also have very little by way of governance. Although known to be pranksters, gnomes can quickly put aside differences and humor in light of serious issues, with democratic votes being the most common way for a community to decide.
Gnomes are rarely formally schooled in any adventuring trade, more likely to become self taught than other. Many gnomes will return to their village should they retire from adventure, although a few decide to stay in the lands they have grown to love.
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Halflings and Gnomes
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