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 Dwarfs and the kingdom of stone

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Dwarfs and the kingdom of stone  Empty
PostSubject: Dwarfs and the kingdom of stone    Dwarfs and the kingdom of stone  Icon_minitimeTue Oct 24, 2017 1:49 pm

The dwarfs are another of the elder races, alongside Elves and Dragons. They claimed the mountains as their home and the great range of Kalca Doroth is the greatest of their kingdoms.
Dwarfs are at heart a solitary people, but are plagued by the fault of greed. Although many tend to see this as a love of money, precious metals and gems, dwarf greed takes many forms. Dwarfs always want more. Be it money, love, space, or any number of things important to the particular dwarf. This quality can make them difficult to deal with, but it is also a trait that has propelled the into the greater world.
Dwarfs resisted becoming part of the Empires, as they are loathe to give things away for no purpose. Dwarfs don't believe mankind would appreciate the lifestyle of dwarfs, but would happily take all the treasures they could put their hands on. The Asheron empire attempted to force the Dwarfs of Kalac Androth into their empire, going so far as to siege Ironheim, but this was a fools errand. Dwarfs are masters of seigecraft, and the assaulting Asheronites were crushed. Asheron ended up paying a fortune in silver to apologize, a "gift" begrudenly accepted.
Kalca Doroth, the great kingdom of stone, lies in the north, and is Known as the Hammeridge mountains to men, near the Kingdom of Skaave.It has endured the sieges of goblins from below and the rage of dragons from above. The families of the dwarfs are arranged into clans, each clan led by a thane. Ruling over the clans is the King, each thane loyal to him. The current King of Kalca Doroth is Tydar Hammerstone, a dwarf of considerable age. When he dies, the Thanes will vote on a new king as a successor, chosen from their ranks.
A dwarfs pursuit of more has pushed some individuals into the greater world. They work as mercenaries, advisors, master craftsmen and the like. They are a rare sight amongst the lands of the old Empires, but not as uncommon as some.
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Dwarfs and the kingdom of stone
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