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 Elves and the Lavender Forest

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Elves and the Lavender Forest Empty
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The Elves and the Lavender forest

Elves are thought to be one of the oldest races of Aurum. Long before the recorded histories of Men, Elves built their own kingdoms, waged terrible wars and lived through cataclysms. Partly Fey in nature, elves are thought to have originated in the Feywild, a separate plane of existence connected to the world by the Ley nexus. If this is true, Elven history does not record the exodus, nor make mention of its connection to their lives.
During the rise of the Human empires, the elves where already in decline. Still they resisted becoming part of any of the Empires, preferring to remain an independent kingdom. Some elves, however, did decide to leave the Lavender forest and become the Walfey- the wanderers. Humans sometimes call these elves City Elves, but rarely to their face. Despite their civil and charming appearance, Walfey are as much elf kind as any other.
A majority of elves live in the sprawling Lavender forest, a wild land of magic and wood. These elves live as they believe elves should, in small communities close to nature. The remnants of the old Elven empires are enshrined by the Wood itself, great ruins of stone and magic. Many Elf communities have relics of the bygone age- weapons, statues, ruins or even simple household items- which show the timeless workmanship of the Elves.
Elves if the Lavender forest dress in elegant, brightly colored clothing when at peace, and finely crafted silvered armor when at war. Many Elven craftsmen make little use of tools, instead coaxing shapes from materials with magic, with which many elves have an innate skill.
The Lavender forest itself is thought to be an extension of the Feywild, a near sentient wood filled with Sprites and Faeries. Men have said for millennia that it is haunted. But the Elves live amongst the strange purple and green leaves, crafting homes from the living wood with eldritch Magic. Despite its magical nature, the Forest is not without monsters and hazards. Magical beasts of all types can be found here, as can scheming Imps, hateful Blights, and ancient dragons. Most hated of the Elves are the demonic Gnolls, who destroy everything in their path, and the other dimensional Drow, ancient enemies banished long ago.
Elves have a loose ruling structure, most communities have a leader, officially or not, and this leader beseeches other communities of the need arises. Groups of communities are led by a prince who is responsible for raising militia in his area. The princes are beholden to their King, who oversees issues which affect the whole of Elf kind in the forest. The current King is Thamior, who resides in the Citadel of Thorns, at the heart of the Lavender forest.
Elven wizards and sorcerers are usually trained at the Amethyst Tower, one of the most prestigious wizard schools in the world. The School is overseen by 4 wizards, each chosen at the start of a season, by vote of the teaching staff. These wizards decide the curriculum for the year, and teach subjects according to their specialty. This creates a thorough study of magic and arcane subjects, but tends to much lengthier than most schools of wizardry.
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Elves and the Lavender Forest
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