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 Land of the Old Empires- Aurum

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PostSubject: Land of the Old Empires- Aurum   Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:01 pm


From the shores of the great Western Ocean, to the borders of the Dynasty of Khitai, as north as the Kingdom of Skaave and as south as the Jungles of Kush, the domain of the old Empires lay. These lands embrace the Sea of Thieves, a massive inland sea and home of many pirates. It borders the mountainous homes of the Dwarfs and gnomes, Kalca Doroth, and the woodland realms of the Elves, the Lavender Forest.
The peoples of this land are varied, brought together by the ambition of men and of a dragon. Humans of all color and stripe inhabit the lands of the Old Empires, from the dark southern men, to the dusky hued me of he Far East, and the pale people of the rugged north. Halflings resided in secluded shires, and Teiflings still live in their most ancient of cities. Half orcs, as much feared as tolerated, live in work in all areas of Aurum. As do the DragonBorn, who bear the stigma of traitor and hero, of tyrant and liberator.
The old Empires have fallen, the Dragon Emperor Faxardor slain by his own praetorians, and freedom returned to a war torn land. The forces of evil see their chance, and the monsters of legend return from the shadows.
Now the city-states and kingdoms of Aurum fight amongst themselves and against the powers of evil. The kingdom of Conth is falling into shadow. Xoth wages a pitiful war while internal intrigues weaken the nation of pirates. DragonBorn still feud in the ruined capital of Ashes, and the Teiflings scheme in the Old City.
The ruins of the Old Empires lay scattered and hidden throughout the land, as does its secretes and treasures. But these places are not unguarded, and only the brave and capable can wrest fortunes from bygone eras.
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PostSubject: Re: Land of the Old Empires- Aurum   Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:03 pm

Conth, Kingdom of Slendor and Shadow

Dominating much of the coastline of the Sea of Thieves is Conth, a league of city states ruled by King Ward the Short. The Road of Kings, an ancient highway constructed millennia ago, bi sects the kingdom, with most of the important cities along its route. Only might Sparthe, the greatest port city on the Sea and home of the largest Navy in the world is separated from the great highway.
Aside from Sparthe, the cities of Nepanth, Erscylly and the capital of Ravensbrook control vast areas of land for farming, lumber and quarry, as well as a couple silver and gold mines. The armies of Conth, including the famed Knights of the Raptor, patrol the Kings Road for marauding monsters and bandits- but the need is great.
The woodlands of Conth hide the ancient ruins of Empires gone by, as well as resurgent monsters. A scarlet dragon has been seen near Ketter's Keep, causing a section of the Kings Road to be all but abandoned. Humanoid monsters have been on the rise in the outlying villages and townships, as have strange magical beasts.
For his part the King has done little to nothing about these incursions. The guilds of the cities demand action against the neighboring nation of Xoth, a loose republic of city-states considered more of a consortium of pirates. King Ward is a renown drunkard, and has let the more militant voices pressure the borders of Xoth, while the navy attacks and captures Xothian ships for "pirate activities".
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Land of the Old Empires- Aurum
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