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 Iron Ridge game

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PostSubject: Iron Ridge game   Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:04 am

A quick recap of the first session:

The party meet up in the cruel and industrious town of Iron Ridge, nestled in a canyon next to the mammoth sized Cliffton River and the Broken hills. It is the Dog Days of Summer, as they say, and the party was trying to cool off in a local beer tent when they observed bad news roll into town.

A middle aged merchant/nobleman named Adam Bluesteel met up with a returning party of caravan wagons from the Quarry he owned to the Northwest. The workers bore sad news of the resident tracker/woodsman Wayne and his son Sept were both killed by roaming party of Goblins. The goblins fleed when the rest of the men from the quarry showed up, but the pair were beyond saving.

After some talk and negotiating with Adam, the party agreed to come under Bluesteel's employ as independets instead of going through Adventurers Hall, ran by a slimy dwarf named Belkirk.

After a few days, and good eats at Adam's estate in Iron Ridge, the party left with the returning wagons to the Northwest Quarry.

After spotting several tracks of bear and Boring beetles, the party separated from the quarry workers and tracked the goblins to a high ridge plateau several miles north of the quarry.
During the tracking the party was attacked by rabid black bears, later to discover the bear's den, a goblin corpse nearby surrounded by several broken ceramic bottles, stained green with some kind of substance. The party rested in the bear den before moving toward and area known in times past as the Caves of Chaos.

The next day the party assaulted a cave guarded by goblin sentries who screamed in alarm, "Breee Yaarkk!!!" the party slew many goblins outside and inside the cave which sloped down into a very old stone dungeon. In one of the rooms they crossed swords with several goblins and a large Ogre wearing thick brown bear hides.

We ended the session with the ogre slain, and the sounds of goblin reinforcements just down the southern passage.

XP gained for the session - 300XP

In the second Session of the Caves of Chaos:

The players meet a strange human warlock imprisoned in the now vacant Ogre lair. But introductions were short, as hoards of goblin warriors started spilling out of the east and west corridors. After slaying dozens of goblins the adventures wounds were growing, and spell slots had been expended, so a hasty retreat was called. The party fell back to their make-shift lair in the bear's den.

Later that night, a few hours before dawn, the goblin leader rallied his surviving goblin warriors and boldly forced an assault upon the Bear's den! But the powerful PC's not only deflected the attack, they managed slay the Goblin leader and rout out the remaining warriors. Few survivors of the attack fled into the night.

After another long rest, the party again entered the Caves of Chaos, choosing to enter the now empty Goblin tribe halls at ground level. Swiftly they began searching for treasure left behind by the goblins, but instead found a barred door leading into the lair of the Hobgoblins! The first encounter was quick, the party gaining a large surprise upon the militaristic monsters, causing many to flee for reinforcements.

But the party made a tactical error and choose to barred the doors to the common chamber, to take a small rest before facing the rest of the Hobgoblin horde. Half way through their rest, casting could be heard from the eastern door, removing the door bar, and 18 Hobgoblin soldiers spilled into the room. Quickly the party was overwhelmed by sheer numbers, 2 of there group falling to the soldiers strikes. The rest of the group fled!

The 2 fallen PC's were captured and stripped of their gear, and thrown into the Hobgoblin's brutal prison. Tortured for days by cruel Hobgoblin jailers, the players waited patiently for their time to strike! The fighter found half of a jawbone and used it to pierce a jailor's neck while the duelist snagged the weapons off the other surprised Hobgoblin jailer and quickly dispatched him as well. The men stripped the monsters of their gear, freed the other prisoners, including a Gnoll driven mad who attempted to attack the party. The warriors quickly kill the pathetic thing.

Alas, tradegy strikes while the brave warriors are attempting to escape, the sight of the original battle between the adventures and the Hobgoblins had been reinforced with 5 guards and a barricade against the door to dungeon exit. The warriors fought valiantly but in the end were slain by the Hobgoblin warriors.

Now I think I screwed up on XP for the session, so I need to fix this.

The party started the session with 300 XP

For the goblin lair and ambush the party gained - 110+240= 350 XP

The first battle with the Hobgoblins - 200 xp

soooo.......yeah....well, the party currently has 850 XP (this does not include the XP from the 2 hobgoblin jailers and the gnoll and the 2 hobgoblin guards Mikey and Jon managed to kill before being killed themselves.

Mikey, can you please post up the treasure you were carrying when you were captured by the Hobgoblins?

Session three of the Caves of Chaos:

After the capture of their friends, Howl, Arn and the warlock travel back to the town of Iron Ridge. Along the way, before passing Bluesteel Family's Quarry, the 3 adventures meet Mad Sam and his mountain lion companion. Mad Sam (an ancient druid by all accounts) spoke to the group that even though tragedy has struck, that they needed to Purge the Corrupted Ravine of the Rotting evil with in. Because like all infections, it was beginning to spread. And then gave the party 300 gps and quietly left.

A day and half later, the remaining members of the adventuring group arrive back at Iron Ridge to see the beginnings of a quarterly Criminal Auction, a cause of great celebration in the town.
After returning to Bluesteel manor, the party notice 2 things........Master Adam Bluesteel had left with nearly half his men-in-arms to the isolated coastal town of Stormview. The other thing was that the warlock had mysteriously disappeared.

And so, with throngs of people milling about, Howl decieded it was time to find some new allies in their quest to purge the Cave of Chaos! And so standing on a Soap box on the fringes of the Western town square, Howl started to......give a speech, I guess?

Finding his speech somewhat inspirational, a young strangely clothed man named Ian, sprung ontop of the soapbox with Howl, and joined him in his grand......speech, I guess? O.o

Anyway, with their combined motivational speaking and some cool pyrotechnics, the 2 performers managed to catch the attention of a wandering scholar named Nathaniel Kenison and a savage zealous insane dwarf named Ravik. And after a long night of drinking, fast talking and heckling, a new party was forged from the ashes of the old:

The War Donkey's! consisting of Howl of the woods, Arn lover of death, Ian of the fire Saint, Nathaniel of the southern colleges (on summer break no less!) and Ravik.....the stinky.

Session 3 part 2:

And so the party made a plan and struck out (again!) for the Caves of Chaos. But they soon found out that Ravik the Insane was not the best of traveling companions, consitently whining about the heat, no food and upset stomach.

Once Ravik tried to eat a Boring beetle. He claimed he had eaten worse.

The party reached the Caves and immediately laid siege to the Hobgoblin lair! Breaking through the barred door in a single swing, slaying 5 hobgoblins guarding the entrance. Deeper they pushed into the dungeon, slaying guards and off-shift hobgoblin soliders alike. As quickly as they had struck, the team retreated back to rest and strike again in the morning.

But, when first light showed, the War Donkey's noticed a Ambush waiting for them at the Ravine! 14 hobgoblins charged or shot at the party, commanded by veteran hobgoblin commander woman.

It was a long and difficult encounter, but in the end, the party slew the hobgoblin's and their commander. And that is were we leave our session at, Ravik is dead, Howl & Ian are unconicous while only Arn and Nathaniel survive.

What will happen next? Tune in again for the exciting adventures of the War Donkeys!!!!

Total XP for this session - 1300 XP

Session 4 -

The game starts immediately where session 3 left off. The corruption of the Ravine, Chaos energies, finally become aware of the party's actions and let's its anger known. The sky turned black and purple with storm clouds while the remaining denizens of the Caves of Chaos screamed and howled in aggitation. With the Help of the Mad Druid Sam and his pet mountain lion, the party fled to the Ogre Cave with their unconcious companions.

The druid and clerics healed and rested everyone up for a full day, while the stormed raged outside. Soon the party was fit to travel again, and swiftly moved through the Goblin Warrens and Hobgoblin lair, looting treasure and searching for clues as they went along. They found the lost treasure from their first venture to the Caves, and much more. After dealing with some minor traps, the party was sastified that they had search everywhere.

And so the party moved out out the second tier of the caves, 25 feet above the Ravine's base. The first cave they came into was litter with bodies and small amounts of treasure, and a thick feeling of nausa and disorientation plagued the party. these caves, unlike the dungeon before, were natural caves. The party could not combat the overwhelming feeling of disorientation and soon left after slaying a bunch of Stirges.

The next cave the came to had a sign reading something like "Come on in for your assignment. Mercanaries are welcome! turn left at the door for your bunk assignment and you will be given fresh food" But Howl immediately saw that all the tracks coming in and out of the cave door where of Bugbears, large and dangerous cousins of the Goblin and Hobgoblin races. The party decieded to move onto the last cave.

the Last cave turned out to be the Ork stronghold. Soon the party delved in deep into its depths, slaughtering orks by the dozens. But soon their wounds became to numerous, and the War Donkey's fleed back to the hobgoblin lair. During the night, the ork's attempted to flee to the Bugbear Den, but came under heavy arrow fire from the War Donkeys and fleed back into their stronghold.

The very next day, the War Donkeys laid seige to the Ork Stronghold, against impossible odds as there where numerous orks, Orogs, their warboss and shaman. The battle was long, but in the end, again, the War Donkeys survived.........barely.

heavy with loot and wounds, the party decieded this would be a great time to flee back to town......and to where we ended our session.

XP - 1600

Chaos Caves, Session Five:

What a long strange road last session was. The party arrive at the Bluesteel granite quarry heavily wounded and laden with loot. A large electrical storm forces the party to stay the night, and a bolt of Lightening strikes a huge ancient Oak at the top of the Quarry's ledge. What the scouts of the quarry find is a 4 foot black obelisk at the heart of the sundered tree. Nathaniel investigates the Obelisk with great interest, taking sketchings and rubbings of the thing. Nathaniel claims he has never seen such sigils before, and language is his Major at the college in Krell. The party heads to Iron Ridge, at the end of the journey Iron ridge is in the middle of a dust storm due to the late summer drought.

The party attempts to flee the Dust Storm and take up residence at the Green Dragon Inn, but immediately they notice they are not welcome there anymore. The owner's (a pair of human brothers) try to ask the party to leave, even though the storm rages outside, one of the brother's runs to the Adventure's Guildhouse ran by Belkirk the dwarf.

The party leaves, then doubles back and make camp in the Green Dragon's Stable. After the Dust Storm, a rain storm rolls in. Late that night, the parties sleep is interrupted by a small Halfling woman named Jolynn seeking a hiding place while guards of the necromancer Kelshain are looking for her. Apparently she has stolen his black Grimore and is transporting it to a potential buyer at Krell. She also seems terrified about someone named Blade, Belkirk's ally in Ironridge. She also mentions that Kelshain the Necromancer resides in the Iron ridge keep.

Jolynn and the party have a small argument, and Jolynn flees into the night. In the morning, the party deciede to go to Krell and investigate this Black Grimore and Jolynn the Cat Burglar. After they sell their loot to George the Blueshield Butler and Headmaster of the Bluesteel Manor. George also informs them that Master Adam Blueshield is still conducting business at the village of Stormview, but a loyal merchant, Ziggs Anvilla, is having trouble with one of his 3 copper/iron mines to the north at the base of the Trinity Mountains. The party mentions they will look into it when they return from the capitol city, Krell.

A few days south of Iron Ridge the party find Jolynn nearly dead on the shores of the mighty Cliffton River, apparently attacked by a infamous Assassin group called a Quad. The party nurse Jolynn back to health, only to be attacked by the Quad themselves and captured.

That's when things get weird.

Once in the majestic blue-gray stone city of Krell, the party is taken to gothic styled mansion and thrown into its dungeons. The party is later (in the middle of the night) interrogated by a pair of strange (but most definitely evil) Aristocrates.

Ian calls forth the burning light of his patron Saint and purge the impure guards, and the party flee the haunted mansion.

Afterward, Nathaniel decideds to leave the party while Jolynn joins the group. The groups future hangs in limbo and once again, they have lost all of their gear.

XP - 800

Caves of Chaos Session 6:

The party recoup at the capitol city's massive Cathedral of the Allmother after their harrowing encounter with the strange demonic/undead employers of the assassin Quad. And also the new owner's of Kelshain's Black Grimore and all of the War Donkey's gear, including War Donkey and Battle Donkey. This was certainly a blow to morale.

And so after Nathaniel Kenison's departure from the group, Arn the Gnome and Jolynn the Halfling also left, persumely to the volcanic city of Cauldron.

This left Howl of Winter, Ian and the newest member, Lynch Ravenstone alone to figure out their futures. With not much direction and or gold, the party decided to head back to Ironridge to house Bluesteel. While traveling past the north bridge in the outer suburbs of Krell, the party met a traveling Half-Drow Paladin named Riss Allathar. Riss asked to join the group to pursue a more meaning full quest other than Bounty hunting in the corrupted Shattered North.

After 4 long uneventful days on the northern road, the adventurers reached Ironridge and Bluesteel Estates. They met with George the Butler, headmaster of House Bluesteel during Master Adam Bluesteel's time away at the port town of Storm View. George had several nuggets of information for the party:

1) Belkirk, the reputed evil guildmaster of the Adventurer's guild, is seeking to build a civil suit against the War Donkey's claiming that under Ironridge law it is unlawful to be a sellsword/adventurer with being registered and paying member of the Adventurer's guild. The case will most likely come with a hefty fine and back dues to the guild hall.

2) Master Adam has sent word that the town of Storm View has been raided several times now by Frost Giants on raiding longships from the north. He is now travelling south to the capitol city of Krell to plead for reinforcement's to Storm View from the Council of Nine. George sounded uncertain if he would receive any.

3) Master Adam has also authorized George the Butler to offer the member's of War Donkeys employment from House Blueshield during Master Adam's absents. Their duties would be the securing of safety for House Bluesteel, and it's investiments in and around the city of Ironridge. Benefits would be monthly payroll of 64 gp each member, free room and board at the Bluesteel Estates bunkhouse, supplies from House Bluesteel's armory and general stores, an allowance of health credit to the Church of the Allmother in Ironridge, Lastly, a legal will can be created for each member incase of death. Employment was until 1 month notice given, or forfeit of 6 month wages unless immediately paid to House Bluesteel (385 gp).

4) Merchant Ziggs Anvilla is still seeking men to help recapture his lost copper mine to the north.

The party accepted the terms of employment from George the Butler, and happily raided the House's armory. Once restocked, the party then went to visit Ziggs, and during their travels, Ian noticed them being trailed by street urchins.
Ziggs lives in the perfume quarter of the city, and is an arrogant extravagant eccentric merchant. Looking much like a mix between Rock star and porn king. he explained that he was willing to pay a lump sum of 300 gp to recapture his copper mine to the north. Apparently it had been captured by a pair of Ettins and their pet cave bear.
The party said they would accept the job, 7 days from today. Ziggs was not particularly happy about this, but did not want to deal with Belkirk himself, Ziggs agreed to the delay.

With that the party left for the Caves of Chaos. They made a stop at Bluesteel's granite quarry along the way, escorting new empty caravans safetly and saying hi to old friends there. Again the party looked at the strange alien obilesik, where Riss the half-drow paladin noted that the language looked to something one might find in the underdark. Most likely Void sigils, the evil script of the Voidlords.

After that the party continued their way to the corrupted ravine, home to the Caves of Chaos. First thing the party noticed was many tracks of Bugbears, kolbolds and an Owlbear. The entrances to the Hobgoblin and Ogre lairs had been sealed and where no longer accesable. And so the party decieded to hunt down the Owlbear before assaulting the Kobold warrens. Inside the Owlbear caves was multiple Gray Oozes, mud encrusted Zombies and a tough old Owlbear. Some treasure was found (300 gp, a pair of goblets worth 30 gp each and a scroll of protection from undead).

and that ended session 6. next time, Assault of the Kobold warrens begins!

XP - 513

Caves of Chaos session 7: Assault on the Kobold warrens and attacking the Bugbears!

It was an bloodbath of a session, as the War Donkeys (made up of Howl of Winter, the original member, Ryss the half drow Paladin, Flint the warrior and Ian the devout) resting innocently in the recently vacant Ogre Lair was besieged by sly Kobolds and Urds. Even with a degree of surprise and noxious gas bombs, the Kobold ambushers were nothing to the mighty warriors of house Bluesteel!
Angered by their sleep being interrupted, the War donkeys Assaulted the Kobold warrens on the lowest levels of the ravine. A horde of the scalely vermins swarmed the adventurers, but the determined warriors held their ground and slaughter enough of them that they fleed out into the night. Claiming the magical wand of magic missiles wielded by the clan's sorcerous leader, the party retreated back to the ogre lair, but not first being disrespected by the Bugbears of the second tier of the ravine.

The challenge was accepted. while the War donkeys slept, Bugbears set up dangerous traps to ambush the party with. But this mattered not for the hardy and determined adventures. After a very long and bloody combat in the bugbear's lair, the party slew the bugbear cheiftan and claimed another victory for the forces of good!

XP - 1700

The conclusion to the Caves of Chaos module, session 8.

The party quickly search the remains of the bugbear ruins, finding a half-elven bard in the slave pens who joins up with the party. After a long rest, and hearing the faint cries of tortured female elven maiden, the group gears up and make the final assault into the heart of the corrupted Ravine known as the Caves of Chaos.

Wading through mindless and magically controlled gnolls, lesser cultist and hordes of undead the adventures carved a bloody path to the final encounter. A powerful void beast known as a Medusa (identified by the Bard as a void beast of legend) and her pet eyeless Void priest attack the party with fanatics, ogre zombies and hordes of zombies and skeletons.

But the War Donkeys are a war machine that cannot be stopped! Ian wielding deadly fire magics along with the help of the newest member of the party, the bard, slam the evil voidlord worshippers with fire ball after fireball, leaving the halls of the Chaos Temple scorched and littered with bodies. Along with the impressive swordmen ship of Lynch, Howl and Riss (and his summoned warhorse) the party destroy the Cult of the burning spire in 1 fell swoop.

In the end, the foul magics are dispersed, the alters and chapels destroyed, a elven maiden is rescued and the region is once again safe from evil.

XP for the session, 4555 total

Iron Ridge Game, session 9 - "to rescue a princess........"

We started the game with the party meeting up with Mad Sam the Druid and his mountain lion companion in the heart of the Ravine. The druid is working on purging the last remaining taint of evil from his once home. Life and beauty return rapidly to the Caves, with the magical help of the Mad Druid.

But the Elven princess, Ulyanniss Twomoons, does not waken from her slumber, and the party is uncertain of her ailment. The Mad druid delves magically into her mind and soul to find the source of her catamose state. Mad Sam learns that Ulyanniss's soul has been assaulted by a Spirt Wyrm, a foul conjoured creature that captures and warps an individuals soul in the great Inbetween, the realms between life and death, the material plane and the spirit world.

The ancient druid knows of a ritual that will allow the party to enter the Inbetween following Ulyannis's "soul tether" but does not have all the needed materials for the ritual. Mad Sam needs 1 crucial ingredient, Myconid Blood, a hallugenic potion created from Myconid spores. Myconid's are fungus men who live in the Underdark, and the Druid informs the party of known entrance to the Underdark. A sink hole in the back of a Copper mine, just north of the city of Iron Ridge. A copper mine that seems to been taken over by Ettins.

Anyway, Mad Sam creates a map for the party to follow from the Caves to the Copper mines. The party immediately heads out. After a day and half of traveling the party is attacked by a large Wyvern, but manage to drive it back to it's lair. The party find an entrance to the Wyvern's lair via a natural tunnel in the hillside bedrock and an ancient crypt long corrupt and sealed away from the rest of the world. Here the party bypass a statue lock and a trapped hallway to assault the undead crypts, slaying a Banshee, A vampire spawn and a pair of Wights, finding a pair of treasure chest full of valuables and lost tomes.

Also the party attacks the wounded Wyvern and his mate in their nest, slaying both creatures and gathering even more loot, including 4 intact Wyvern eggs.

From the Wyvern's lair the party travel another day and half through the rugged hills and find the copper mines with ease. The mines are obviously abandoned except for 1, where numerous ork, ogre, orog, bear and ettin tracks can be seen.

The party quickly prepare themselves before delving into the copper mines depths. The party quickly dispatches the Blackclaw merc group (consisting of 4 heavily armored Orogs, a pair of lazy Ogres and a ork war chief with a masterwork maul) and then slay the ettin couple DanDan, FeeFea along with their pet cave bear and infant child.

We end the session with the party gazing at the 20' by 20' wide sink hole in the back of the copper mine, looking at a whole lot of wooden frame work with ropes, pullies and a large flat platform made from hewn logs. Hopefully this is the entrance to the Underdark they have been searching for.

XP - 6000

Session 10.....Into the Underdark and back!

The game starts with the party resting in the Copper mine before moving onto the platform that lowers them into the Underdark. Half way down the group is ambushed by 4 floating brain creatures with tentacles and hawk beaks. The adventures quickly repell the Grell's assault but not before they float underneath the platform and try to tip it over from a single corner. But the Allmother answered the fiery cleric's prayers and was able to incinerate the alien creatures with a well placed Fireball spell.

The unfortunate thing was the shockwave from the blast rocked the platform wildly, causing the brake on the pedals used to lower and raise the platform to spin out of control. Free falling downward into the vast darkness, the party struggled to regain control of their descent. With help from the cleric, Lynch was able to slow and then stop the wild free fall and regain control of the platform.

Sometime later, the party was successful in lowering down the platform to the bottom of the 300' shaft. The natural cavern ahead of them was full of dirt, broken stone and track's of spider. Very big spiders. Several tunnels lead off from this chamber, and the party opt to go west.

Shortly afterward the party enter another large cavern, is a small bubbling brook in the middle of the room. Suddenly the walls smash inward and a pair of ogre sized stooped armored monsters attack the surprised party! With large ant-like heads and manaibles and strong thick claws, the party has stumbled into a Umber Hulk ambush!

Rhys's experience in fighting in the Underdark becomes useful as he uses his innate ability to conjour darkness to its full effect against the confusing gaze of the might Umber Hulks. A long battle insues and again the mighty adventures win the day as the Umber hulks flee back into their tunnels, collapsing the tunnels behind them.

Now the party is really on their guard, they continue southwest cautiously. Further down they travel, moisture, moss and mold increase travelings difficultly, making things slippery. The party then comes to a long plateau and see a gaping massive sink hole ahead of them. The first cliff the party comes to is goes down a mere 50 feet. Then another long Plateau ahead of them, after a few moments of searching, another perilous narrow trail is found. But the trail head is guarded by another alien-like beast, disguised as a tall stalagmite with a central eye and a gaping maw full of sharp teeth and 6 long rope like tentacles, the party is surprised attacked by a Roper! The Roper injuries most of the party, but is swiftly slain, and several valuable treasure found inside is foul gullet.

At this point the party opts to rest and heal, but is attacked again hours later by large walking beetle like monsters with long limbs that end in Hooks and with vulture like heads. Although their appearances are fierce, the Hook Horrors are no match for our Heroes! The party then continues their rest until fully healed. They then set out on their quest to find Myconid Blood. But while tranversing down the second cliff (this one being 200' down to a massive Black Lake below), Howl of Winter missteps and falls off the cliff and into the lake below, breaking bone and skin along the way. To the companions despair, a glowing 200' long fish like form begins to glow from the Black Lake's depths. Strange tentacles shoot out of the water and quiver with excitement while the form slowly moves toward Howl's unconscious body.

But not all was lost, as a booming voice belonging to an Ancient Stone Giant Baric, Keeper of Allanayha's Soul and Jailer of Voidlord Azerrexx. The voice forced back the glowing form, who the party assumes is the Void Lord Azerrexx himself, imprisoned in a watery cages, skimming toward the surface of the world. Stone Giant Baric plunges into the lake and swiftly withdraws Howl of Winter's body and places it on the sandy shore of the Black Lake. Some time later the party reaches the giant and their companion, who is still alive, and quickly lay healing magic's upon his body.

The party speak with Baric for sometime, and see his massive stone carved cliff walls depicting the beginning of time until the 2nd Void War. Baric tells the party of the dangers ahead and the party thank him and move along, climbing a 100' cliff. At the top of the Cliff the party find the great Black Expanse, a massive open chamber of the Underdark, the ceiling spanning 200' high and the chamber miles long and wide from the cliff. The landscape is strangely beautiful and menacing at the same time. With Baric's directions in mind, the party follow along the south wall toward the Water Nymph's lair. In a strange forest of stone pillars, the party rests while listening to the sweet singing voice of the Water Nymph and fall into a deep sleep. The party all share a dream of the Water's Nymphs childhood in the Feywild and the Outlands, where is is given her duty, centuries before, to guard the Crystal Tree. But long isolation and loneliness has driven her insane, and the party try to help her, but cannot get past her insanity.

And so the group heads out from their, finding the gnome crafted road, leading to the tunnel needed to reach the Steam Vents where the Myconid's reside, and also the large stone Deep Gnome outpost of Gemheim. Here the party meet the guard company of Captain Xander Greengem, and are escorted to the outer gates of the Outpost. But at this point Rhys revels his Drow heritage, a long time enemy of the Deep Gnomes. Tensions get high, and the party is surrounded by mounted Deep Gnomes with Obsidian Lances and heavy crossbows. Commander Orryn and his advisors come out to interview the party. A long parley insues, in which the party conviences Commander Orryn to allow them to talk to the Deep Gnome Elder, Allarick Longtoe.

Inside the stone keep, the party his held for a few hours until the oldest Deep Gnome known is wheeled in to speak the party. The party explains their situation, and offer treasures and currency in exchange for the poultrices they need, while the Elder offers services needed from them. After long debate the two groups find an acceptable offer. For 5 doses of Myconid Blood and all their magical items identified, the party traded 3 wyvern's eggs and 2000 gold pieces.

After the conclusion of business, the party beats a hasty departure from the Underdark.

XP gained - 5000 (quest completion included)

Session 11 ....to Save a maiden......

The night starts directly into an encounter with an entire unit of Ironridge soliders lead by Sir Gregor Ashland and his mage brother Boris confronting the party at the exit of the copper mine. The knight read the trumped up charges against the adventures, including but not limited too, operating a mercenary group with out license or registration, breaking of contract with a merchant lord Ziggs Anvilla and the stealing of private property of Lord Magistrate of Ironridge, Kelshain.

The party immediately blew up half the unit with fireballs, and slew the knight and mage mercilessly. The rest fled back to Ironridge.

From there the group returned back to the now sacred Grove of Mad Sam and gave him the final ingredient needed for the spiritual ritual. The party was then blasted into the forbidding Inbetween, the space inbetween worlds, planes, life and death. They end up on a floating volcanic island in the middle of a tunnel of swirling storms top to bottom. a single path lies ahead in a landscape straight out of the "Aliens" movies, leading to a tunnel into the volcano. Just entering the tunnel, the would be rescuers are assaulted by alien tentacles driving them further into the dungeon. Next the party has come up to a strange door, a monsterous scorpion carved into the door above a 8" deep hole with a lever inside. At the top of the door is the arcane sigil for "sacerfice". Howl of Winter braves the lever, and is struck by the scorpion's poisoned tail. Luckily he survives the encounter.

The door opens up to a mystical portal full of swirling blue and white clouds. The party bravely step in, teleported to an important event in Ulyannis's life. The scene is of Ulyannis's family, Chief Iz'cata, his wife Spiritseer Kullyannis, young Ulyannis and her brother Jar'redia. The family is listening to many speak about a bound wood elf and his crimes and merits to the tribe. A large bonfire rages between the Chief and his tribe. Suddenly the modern day version Ulyannis appears, as much a ghost and audience to her Memory as she is.

But slithering around her, and whispering corruption into her ear is the Spiritwyrm. A long millipede shaped alien, with a hundred legs ending in human hands, a bulbous purple body and a serpent like neck ending in a human head with elongated jaw, sharp teeth and a forked tongue.

The party attack the creature, but find they are ethereal like, and their body passes through the Spiritwyrm's body along with Ulyannis's. But Ulyannis can hear them, and see them. The party quickly use this to their advantage, speaking to her, forcing their will to force back the corrupting essence of the spiritwyrm.

Soon the memory ends, and the party is in an Alien chamber, with 3 exits leaving it. Also, in the middle of the room floats a tear drop crystal, with an arcane symbol for Duty etched into it. Howl grabs the Rune, and in his mind, a scene of the real world suddenly takes place. Howl see's The fate of Storm Queen Neer, and how she is murdered by her own daughter's, Mirran and Nym, and frame the "small folk" for her death.

The next chamber hosts a summoned Grick Alpha, which the party quickly dispatches and enters the portal beyond, quickly entering another one of Ulyannis's memories/life events - This time it is of Ulyannis in her early adulthood, training in the ways of woodcraft and druid lore with her master Anieeya Brightwater, and few young men. The group is raided by Gnolls, Ulyannis manages to hide, but has to witness and listen to hours of gnolls torturing and raping the wood elves in demonic glee. Again modern day Ulyannis appears with the Spiritwyrm whispering Hate into her ears. This time the party does not do as well as before to drive off the spiritwyrm. But the memory fades, like they all do, and before them is the sigil of Hate. And another piece of story:

In the underwater court of the storm giant city of Maelstrom sits High king Hekaton, who listen's to his advisors about the life of giants outside of his city and upholding the ordning. A young storm giant princess with a equally young Frost giant welding a dragonbone axe and wearing a dragonskull helm enter the court. The court goes silent as the Frost giant named Harshnag gives the sad news to the High king about his beloved wife. The scene fades with the Kings screams of anguish.

The next chamber holds a chimera, which again the party quickly dispatches and enters the next memory. This one is of a teenage Ulyannis hanging out with friends at a lake. One of her friends challenges the group to a swimming race, but half way through it, she silently gets a cramp and drowns while the rest of the group swim on unknowingly. This time, when the spiritwyrm appears with Ulyannis, the party wins the round conviencing her she was not at fault for the drowning.

This time when the party recovers the Rune of Sadness, the memory is of a gathering of Giant Lords. All of them. Stone, Hill, Cloud, Frost, Fire, and Fomorian listen to the call to war from their High King Hekaton. Once given their assingments the same young woman that gave the king the news of his queens death appears, his youngest daughter Serrissa is her name. She begs him not to start a war with the small folk of the Shattered North, but he vents his anger at her, banishing her and her lover Harshnag (Frost giant) from his court, and starts the ritual to summon the Void Lord of storms, Phalkton and to begin construction on the Storm of Vengeance.

The last room is guarded by a Otyugh. Dead in a round pretty much. The last memory is an intimate one, showing Ulyannis's first sexual encounter with another woman. Homosexuality is fiercely frowned upon in wood elven society. The whole scene riddles the current Ulyannis with guilt. Which also the Sigil the party earns next. And the final story piece.

Ontop of a flatten mountain top is beautiful and mysterious storm giant mistress dressed in blue gypsy clothes with multiple gold peircings and chains. speaking to her is the ancient green dragon, Deralik a.k.a Plague tongue. They speak about plans in motion, that war is coming, and their desire to summon the Shadowlord. The dream slowly fades away.

Finally the party enter the locked chamber which holds Ulyannis's soul and the real Spiritwyrm. The party battle the monster, weaken considerably by the duel of wills from their previous encounters and the strain of holding Ulyannis's soul hostage for so long. But our brave adventures are bold and powerful, and slay the evil beast. Ending our session for this month.

XP - 1250 + 6050 = 7300 total.

Treasure found in the Flind Lair -

2100 CP, 1050 SP, 700 GP, x10 obsidian (10 gp each), x10 turquoise (10 gp each), x5 star rose quartz (100 gp each), a silver ewe (25 gp) cloth of gold vestments (25 gp), Heavy Winter Barbarian furs (sized for human, half-orc or dragonborn, non magical but give resistence to normal non-magical cold, count as Hide armor). Adamanite masterwork spike gauntlets, a suit of finely made Chain shirt (magical), a potion of climbing (after tasting), a pair of odd looking goggles (magical, they are made from silver and gold, the frame around the blue tinted lens is stylized like leaves, and has a nose harness) lastly is a ornately carved wooden box (the designs are pacific northwest indian style) the box is 12 inches long, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep, it has lid and items can be stored inside of it (magical)

Treasure in the Dragon's Lair -

300 CP, 7522 SP, 2359 GP, 122 PP, x1 amber (100 gp), x1 red spinel (100 gp), x1 Black Jet (100 gp), x8 onyx (50 gp each), Scroll of Dispel magic, a oddly shaped cloak, with long sharp tail, an hood with extra long ends, dark grey with gold trim on the outside, a dull light blue inside (magical), potion of greater healing (after tasting), A wide purple metal ring with chaotic and strange black enamled runes etched upon it (magical)

Session 13..........Death by Cow

The session starts with the party looting the ruins of the town of Sharael, sacked by the Gnoll War Band and their Green dragon master Deralion. At this time, Ulyannis starts searching for her brother, and finds the last remaining survivors of the town. All 18 of them, out of a town of about 1000. Then she notices her brother, Jarred is one of the mutilated bodies hanging from the twisted ancient oak tree in town center. and so she and the survivors gather as many of the dead left (many were already consumed by the gnolls) into a massive funeral Pyre at the bottom of the oak tree.

Well into the night the ancient oak burned, the survivors watching in numbed silence. At the same time, Ian gave a long sermon about the mercy and love of the Allmother and her Radiant Knight of Fire (of who Ian is a member of that sect). In the morning, Ian set the remaining buildings with in the town aflame to avoid undead and hauntings. As the party was packing up to leave east, they noticed a small unit of armored men wearing light armor galloping toward the burning town on horses. Ian used an illusionary spell to increase his size to 40' tall, while in his full religious get-up, and spooked the men away. Ulyannis left the group, escorting the refugees with her, muttering darkly about "having a few words with, Mother..."

Back on the road, the weather started to turn to rain and cool. At nearly dusk, the party reached Cliffton River, but also found the united military forces of the Council of Nine from Krell camped on the far east side of the river. Over 100,000 troops, knights and caravans swarmed over the plains, while refugees from Ironridge and Stormview Port wondered around looking dazed.

Due to their history with Ironridge authority in the past, the party struck out North, and forge across the river another day and half later. From there, the road to Ironridge was long, and for 5 days the War donkeys walked. Just a half days travel outside of Ironridge, the party stopped, Howl noticing many tracks of giants, orks and ogres. Vola changed into a majestic Eagle, and flew north to scout out the city of Ironridge.

Ironridge was sacked. Hordes of orks, Bugbears, ogres and Hill giants roamed the city freely, looting, eating, torturing and fighting among themselves. Stone giants sat patiently, seeming to await for more orders. Vola returned to the party and gave her report, so Howl went scouting ahead, looking for the road back to the Giant's lair. After a full day of scouting, Howl confidently found the road, and lead the party forth, to assualt the Hill Giant Steading, and the shores of Cliff Lake, near the Stone Giant home, Deathcleft Canyon.

The Steading is built directly over the river that flows out of Cliff Lake, making a oversized Beaver dam. The party sneaked into the lower side of the Steading, attacking the orks and bugbears tending to the massive flock of sheep. During the attack, they were spotted by a Hobgoblin warlord on a wyvern, who signalled with a war horn for the assualt. Soon the party was attacked by many Hill giants, and as the party moved into the main room of the steading, slew hordes of orcs, wolves, and giants, both hill giants and stone giants, until they nearly all laid slain, including the 20,000 LB monstrosity Chieftess Guh.

So concluded session 13.

XP - 6720

Session 14........Death to the Giants!!

This session started right where session 13 left off, death of Chiefness Guh, and many of the remaining Hill Giants running in to attack the party! The party was already drained of spells and hit points, but quickly struck back at the entering hobgoblins and Hill Giants. In fact, the War Donkey's where so successful, the rest of the monsters in the Steading turned tail and ran!~

But it wasn't going to be that easy, as Howl, Ryhis and Lynch rush down to attack the fleeing hill giants, ettins, pet oytugh and bugbears in fear of warning the Stone Giants of Deadstone Cleft. The blood thirsty members of the War Donkey's made quick work of the fleeing monsters, and ate much bacon in celebration!

After a day and half of resting, with the add of darkness and nature magics, the party snuck to the Stone Giant's lair, Deadstone Cleft. Rain and fog also aided the party, as they spotted a Stone Giant feeding a Roc (gargauntan eagle) dead dwarves for dinner. Leaving the creature be for now, the party attacked the Stone Giant hobgoblin and ogre scouts, along with their Owlbear pets. Easily gliding into the next set of caves, the party ambushed another outpost of hobgoblins, but not with out first the residing mud-bathing Stone Giants hearing the attack.

A long drawn out combat ensued, resulting in the death of all the hobgoblins, 8 stone giants and an elder owlbear pet!

Join us next time as the War Donkey's continue their assault on Deadstone Cleft!

XP - gained 10,000

Session 15............Death by Cow and Owl?!!

Starting right were session 14 left off, the party quickly looted the 9 fallen giants and decieded to sneakly leave the way they came. Well, that was until they decided to deal with the "Sky Titan" Roc, sleeping in it's nest.

Vola and Howl summoned the combined might of......giant Owls and cows?! At the same time the Roc was assaulted by Ian's fire magics and Rhyiss's arrows while Lynch charged the beast! The sleeping monsterous eagle never had a chance.

The party quickly vanished into the night with more nature magics. Over the next day and half, the party rested, healed and reconned on the Dreadstone Cleft, home to the evil Stone Giant clan. Outside they watched about 15 stone giants building a cairn for the Roc and giving the majestic creature a funeral. Speaking at the gathering was a beautiful 20' female stone giant wearing ornate armor, a stone shield strapped to her back and a massive adamantine flanged mace hung at her mitheral belt.

Late that night, the party again snuck to the Deadstone Cleft, noting that the Stone Giant's had blocked several entrances with boulders, Ian used a powerful prayer to the Allmother to create a tunnel straight through the boulder, into the portion of the Stone Giant's home they assaulted before. Inside they found their way to the chamber of Thanes, where the petrified remains of previous thane's resided.

The party attempted to loot their buried treasure, but was attacked by the reanimated remains of the Thane's, 5 in total. The battle was long, draining on the parties resources but they were victorious.

after looting the Tomb, the party moved forward, finding a long wide sky bridge between the 2 sides of the Deadstone cleft, 40' in the air. A rainstorm had moved in, helping the party move silently across the bridge, while the Stone Giant guards below the bridge and above did not notice them.

On the otherside they found a large round domed chamber, with a pair of stone giants eating around a campfire and several pins filled with mountain goats. Again the party summoned the might of Cow and Owl, and slew the 2 giants quickly. But not silently, as they caught the attention of the Hobgoblin's attention from a chamber beyond this one.

The sound alarm has been risen inside the Deadstone Cleft, will the party survive the assault of the stone giant's within?

We will find out about the fate of our brave adventures next time!

XP earn - 6240

Treasure gained - x5 "worry stone" styled gems - a black sapphire worth 5000gp, a emerald, star ruby, fire opal and star sapphire all worth 1000gp each.
loose coins - 14354 CP, 22211 SP, 10115 GP & 46 PP
Gems - x30 bloodstones (worth 50gp each)
320 LBs of various artwork stolen from the last century of raids - worth 9000gp total
Magical Bracers made from dozens of miniature golden arrows banded together
Masterwork superior adamantine Longspear (pike)
x5 suits of Masterwork reinforced platemail
x4 wagon wheels
Magical golden gilded leather armor with horse icons upon it with a matching magical set of leather boots
Master work thieves picks
a massive magical spellbook tome
A golden gilded oaken box with 10' poles slid into harness for transport. inside is a mechanical clockwork-like unfolding alchemist lab (its portable!) and inside are x5 potions of greater healing.

Session 16 - Show down with the Stone priestess.....

Realizing the alarm had been raised, the party swiftly moved out of the Stone Giant lair, sneaking into the night and forest south east of the canyon.

resting the night away, the party recouped, but much to their surprise, the stone giants had came out of their home in search parties, looking to kill the elusive adventurers. But little did the giant know that sneaking in the forest and ambushing is the specialty of the War Donkeys! Quickly the party mobilized and attacked each search party in well coordinated ambushes. Both Stone Giant search parties were slain to a man with in hours.

Confident, the party moved forward to the now empty Stone Giant lair to confront their leader, the Stone Giant Priestess. Residing on an island in the middle of a chamber full of petryfing boiling mud, The priestess stood before their sacred Stalagmite and called out powerful magics and reinforcing her Stone Golem creation while summoning living boulders. She even turned Lynch into a statue!

But for all of her magics and antics, the party proved they were far superior, summoning mighty fire magics, summoning giant eagles, and even banishing the priestess to a pocket. Rhyiss summoned holy smites to inflict major damage to both the Stone Golem and Stone priestess. The priestess bloody body falls upon the stone altar, and the Holy Stalagmite begins to break apart. Quickly Ian stone shapes Lynch's statue in half, and have the eagles carry it out of the collapsing chamber.

The party reconvenes in the main hall of the Stone Giant Lair, and manage to heal lynch with a Greater Restoration spell, using 1000gp of uncut diamonds. Also the party manage to identify their magical items.

Next session will be "Return to IronRidge, front lines to the War Against the Giants!"

XP - 9520

Session 17…………..well, that didn’t go the way I thought it would………..

With the death of the Stone Giant Priestess, and the collapse of her Void shrine, the party took refuge in one of the enormous Stone giant sleep quarters. Their they devised a plan using powerful divine magic given by the Allmother and channeled by Ian to put Lynch back together in one whole piece and living flesh again.

After that, the party set out and looted the rest of the complex. After a short discussion, the group of heroes decided to not go to Iron Ridge, but instead go to the Sol’vere Empire again, to the great trade city of Preston. And so the party set out for their long walk to the Southeast.

Not even a full day out of the Stone Giant complex, the party encounter a pair of wyverns with armored Hobgoblins riders. The adventures quickly took out the messengers and looted their bodies. They found sealed messages for the Hill Giant Chief and the Stone Giant Priestess. The message for the Hill Giants simply said “We drink the blood of Gla’mush (void lord of gluttony) and attack the human camp in the morning”

The message from the Stone Giant General was much longer, whining about how hard it is to control the hill giants, orcs and ogres and complaining that more troops are needed.
A day later the party reach the remains of the northern wall of Iron ridge. The sounds of guerilla warfare echoed through out the sacked city, while massive gnomish airships clashed with entire brood of wyverns lead by the Wyvern Queen. Catapult stones fly through the air while the giants try to catch them and throw them back. Iron Ridge is nothing more than smoldering ruins, death and chaos. And so our fearless warriors promptly turn south East, and for the next 2 weeks trek across Shattered North’s Western border finally making their way to Preston in northern Sol’vere.

Autumn turns into Winter, and the first frosts have turn into first snows. In Preston the party sold their treasures, purchased new ones, commissioned work from local smiths and relaxed. Also, the party commission a scholar to look into information about the Fire Giants outside the city of Cauldron.

Ian had some kind of encounter with the second-in-charge at the Cathedral of the Allmother, a cardinal who is middle aged, balding, and political. (unfortunetly your DM doesn’t remember the whole thing). Something about preaching about Ian’s devoution to Radiant Saint of Flame, a celestrial servant (child) of the Allmother. Anyway, later Ian and the group incite a crowd of people in the Cathedral square to protest and mildly riot. Later, Ian is arrested, question by the High Priestess of the Allmother and then released.

Shortly after that encounter, the party are called forth to the ruling Senate, lead by Lord General (brother to the Emperor himself) to debrief them on the Giant War that is engulfing their neighbors to the east, Shattered North. The party promply decline, get into a shouting match with the Lord General himself and are banished from the city. Shortly, a small group of 4 Airships appear in the sky, packed full of refugees from the lost battle of Iron Ridge. The soldiers and gnomish air ship crews describe Iron Ridge as a butcher’s field, both armies have withdrawn to lick their wounds as winter moves in. Many have fled back to Krell.

The next morning, the party are awoken by a legion of Lion Knights, led by the Lord General of Preston. Howl moves quickly to defuse the situation, explaining the groups history and the actions of the giants at Iron Ridge.

At the same time, Ian explains to Rhyiss that he has communed with his Radiant Saint, and the Cardinal must be killed, he is corrupt in some way. But they aren’t to do it right now, but later.

After a long parley, the Lord General is impressed by Howl’s honesty and frankness, and hands Howl a scroll sealed with the city of Preston’s seal. The lord General has “commissioned” one of the gnomish Airship (which may or may not of had a warrant against it) for the party to use against the Giants.

And so we ended with the party flying 2000 miles east, to the eastern coast, just south of the port city of Stormview, where the 2nd army of Krell was suppose to be besieging the Frost Giants and their massive floating battle Ice burg.

But instead, they come yet to another tragedy, and see the decimated human army bodies strewed about, and the city of Stormview burning, and being looted.

Session 18…………..”and then came the Giant Slayers, like rolling thunder on the plains”

The sight of Frost giants burning and looting the city of Stormview kinda, well, pissed off the War Donkeys. And so they moved in, and systematically slaughtered them.

All of them.

Including the Jarl’s son, who rode upon the enormous white dragon, Cryovain.

Ignoring the slaves and prisoners, the party immediately summoned giant eagles and flew across the ocean bay to start their besiegement of the floating Frost Giant Icy Stronghold.
Before landing, the party saw Cryovain’s mate, Isen’garda. She retreated to her lair, and a massive battle of magic and wits began between the warriors, the dragon, the lair.
In the end, the group over powered the dragon and slew her. They also claim their horde as their own!

But they have still reach the belly of the floating glacier to slay the Frost Giant Jarl, dealing the armies of the Giants a massive blow.
Also, lets not forget that per the love letters from the Stone Giant Priestess, the Jarl has half of the magical horn that needs to be assembled so they can access the Storm Giant’s lair, the Maelstrom.

Its rumored that King Snurre has the other half.

Total XP - 18320

Session 19..........."I will not be a Remorhaz snack!  But this ork bull will be......."

After resting the night in the slain white dragon's lair, the party was awoken to the sound of massive gears rotating and enormous chains being coiled up out of the sea.  5 frost giant warriors were manning the anchor points of the monsterous Iceburg fortress, gearing up to leave Stormview's port.

Well......the War Cows (once known as the War Donkeys) would have none of that, slaying four of the giants, while 1 escaped to the caverns below.  The adventures quickly gave pursuit into the belly of the Iceburg, slaying many frost giant guards, winter wolf companions, ogre foot soldiers.......and eventually the true craftsman who hollowed out the iceburg itself, 3 massive Remorhazs.  

We ended last session as the last beast died, and many of the War Cow party are wounded and out of magic spells.......potions spent, wands exhausted..........and the sound of Giant reinforcements coming after them echo'd through out the Stronghold of the Frost Giant Jarl........

total XP for last session - 12,640

Session 20 .............Death to Frost Giant Jarl

Just moments after the party slew the fire-blooded Polar Wyrms, the party was immediately swarmed by Ogres, Frost Giants, A storm giantess and cloud giant emissaries and a sneaky Oni. The War Donkeys grinded through all of them in a storm of fire, steel and blood. Eventually the Jarl and his wife with the last of his guards showed up, and all were slain in a long 2 minute battle from start to finish. The party was successful! After looting the Iceburg, the party did find the quest item they needed, half of the Horn of Returning so they can enter the Maelstrom.

XP earned - 10,340 each
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Session 21...........Corruption in the City of Preston

The game begins as the party sets out to help the survivors of Stormview port city, giving them food and supplies from the now-vacant Iceburg Fortress of the Frost Giant Jarl. Vola decieded to go on vacation for a bit. Her social points had been used up and needed to be refreshed.

Eventually the party returned to the gnomish Airship and her crew lead by Captain Mellick and Lt. Engineer Gizmo. The captain and Gizmo past off a message that a gnome named Arn and a halfling woman named Jolynn were looking for the War Donkey's in the city of Cauldron.

From there, the party decieded to return to Preston to resupply and recoup, winter has finally came, and travelling during winter is difficult at best. As the party flew west toward the Sol'vere empire, they took a at the ruins of Ironridge. The once center of slavery has only really switch owners than anything, now ruled by chaotic groups of Orcs, Giants, goblins and a large brood of Wyverns.

Once at Preston, Howl, Rhyis and Ian immediately went to the Senate building, but found a gruesome scence as more than half of the Senate had been slain, many left as a message.

A bloody message. The Sol'vere empire rules Preston. The Emperor rules Sol'vere. No if's, and's or but's about it.

Inside they found Seth the Emperor himself, along with the his brother, Lord General Jarmaath. Apparently they had been alerted to rebellion growing in Preston, lead by no other than the High Priestess of the Allmother, Sister Tedora Goldenbow. Per the corrupt Cardinal of Preston.

But that wasn't right either, as Ian and Rhyis explained. And so the emperor called forth an immediate trial, usuing the powerful divine and holy magics of Cleric and Paladin, made the Sister and Cardinal speak the absolute truth.

To everyones surprise, the Cardinal of Preston and his minions were possessed by Voidbeasts (a Nasheefre and Vrocks) which were quickly slain by the party and the Emperor.

The session ended with the party, along with the Lord General and High Priestess realizing that the corruption must be coming from the items in the vault.

Xp - 1500 each.


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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Session 22 - Delve into the Corrupted treasure Vault of the Allmother

Too stem the possible tide of Voidbeasts and other nasty creatures from the Great Beyond, the party took it upon themselves to, well, do what they do best. Delve into the dungeon.

Inside they were assualted by twisted divine magical traps, mutants and demons from the Void.

Empowered by their faith in the Allmother and her Radiant Saints, the group easily destroyed the voidbeasts and negated the corrupt artifacts below the great Cathedral.

But then, the party realized alot of time had slipped away, and now word has reached them that the King of the Giants, King Hekaton and his great Storm of Vengeance powered by the imprisoned Dracolich Voidlord Phalkton, and touched the shores of the Broken coast to the north. It was inbound to the tyrannical city of Krell, threating to destroy thousands of innocent lives (and probably a few hundred not so innocent souls).

Emperor Seth of Sol'vere and his brother Lord General Jalmaath agree to start a campaign to beseige the city of Krell, while the party load into their gnomish Airship, bravely to fly into the heart of the massive storm, and slay the mad Giant King. May the Allmother shelter their souls in her divine light.

XP earned - 14,200


Player: I set off the trap with my glaive.
DM: A massive Girallon appears bellowing in your face while he charges. *rolls a pair of 20 dice* Double 20's!! *rolls more dice* Umm........hmmmm.....well.........
Player: What?
DM: Well, apparently this Girallon is related to Chewbacca. The monster tears off both your arms and beats your character to death with is own arms.
Player Fuck you Kyle.
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Iron Ridge game
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